White Choc Mint Latte

White Choc Mint Latte

Our Teabirds spoke up and we listened- after much demand for a white choc tea blend, we've mastered a luxurious white tea blend and we've got the perfect latte to match! A smooth + refreshing latte garnished with some fresh mint, it's heaven in cup.

Serves: 1

What you will need:

What to do:

1. Brew your White Choc Mint tea in 80c water for at least 3 minutes and a spoon full of honey, if you prefer a sweeter tea latte.


Top Tip: to get 80c degree water use 1 part cold water and 4 parts hot water.


2. Once your tea has finished brewing remove the infuser or drain (if you are using an IngenuiTEA) and leave to the side.


3. Heat up your coconut milk. If you have a latte wand, add the tea concentrate and coconut milk to your jug and froth froth froth! You'll want enough coconut milk for 1 cup.

However, if you don't have a latte wand, simply pour a cup full of coconut milk and your tea concentrate into a saucepan and heat over the hob until it starts to simmer. Be careful not to over boil the milk, as it can burn the milk. To get a frothy texture we suggest using our handheld latte maker.


4. Now add a couple of drops of vanilla essence to your tea latte and pour into your cup, garnish with torn fresh mint.


5. Now enjoy!


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Everything you need for this recipe:

Our Brewdini gravity steepers are perfect for brewing hot tea without any mess or fuss- they're also our choice of tea gadget in-store for top efficiency!

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