ChariTEA: Revitalise

Learn about our ChariTEA of the quarter and what they do to help others! Our chosen ChariTEA this quarter is Revitalise' and they have chosen Chinese Treasures' as their blend to help raise funds. This means that 100% of the profits will go straight to Revitalise! We asked them more about their fantastic cause and why these chose this blend, find out more below...

What does Revitalise Do?

Revitalise provides respite holidays for disabled people and carers - welcoming people who need the reassurance of 24-hour nurse-led care in order to have a holiday.

Our philosophy is simple - everybody needs a break. By combining care and the support of volunteers, with imaginative excursions and activities, we give our guests something truly unique - a break that feels like a proper holiday.

But more important than the outstanding care, imaginative excursions and great food is what happens between people when they are with us.

Extraordinary friendships are kindled and rekindled – not between ‘volunteer’ and ‘guest’ or ‘staff member’, or indeed between ‘carer’ and ‘cared for’, but between wife and husband, father and daughter, one human being and another.

It’s fair to say that many of us love a good cuppa. They’re great to sit and cozy up with on a chilly day, lovely to share with friends while catching up, or even to enjoy with the family on a lazy Sunday morning. Who would have thought that the humble cup of tea could play such a big part in bringing people together?

People like Revitalise guest Alison, who is a carer for her husband Nigel who has Alzheimer’s. One of the things that Alison enjoyed the most about taking a break with our charity during one of our specialist Alzheimer’s weeks was the chance to have a cup of tea made for her, instead of having to make it herself.


Alison shared:
“Being spoilt by being treated to a meal out with no worries or organisation and not having to keep an eye on how Nigel is eating; by having a hand or neck/shoulder massage or using the hairdresser, on site. Not having to cook or wash up. Having volunteers around who ask ME if I would like a cup of tea or coffee instead of always doing it myself.”


ChariTEA of the quarter - Revitalise

Why Chinese Treasures?

Why Chinese Treasures tea? Well, we chose this special blend because of its numerous medicinal properties and the fact that it has been having a positive effect for thousands of years; much like our charity has for over 50 years too.

So please go ahead and enjoy every delicious, warming cup of Chinese Treasures tea, knowing that as you are drinking it, it is helping to bring happiness to the lives of the disabled people and carers that we support right across the UK.

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