Award-winning, fresh & fragrant vanilla Earl Grey tea!


Earl Grey Creme

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Earl Grey Creme

Award-winning, fresh & fragrant vanilla Earl Grey tea!


163 Reviews

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lProduct Description

Although we're constantly creating crazy new blends, sometimes we just want to sit back and enjoy a classic. It doesn't get more classic than good old British fave, Earl Grey. So what makes this Earl Grey any different? It's the creme of course! With tingly bergamot and smooth vanilla, we're certain you'll love this very special blend just as much as we do.


This is an award-winning tea, see more about our Great Taste Award teas and what the judges had to say about our blends here.

You can also grab Earl Grey Creme in tea bags!


Ceylon black tea, vanilla pieces, blue cornflowers, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that also contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.


We love this tea so much, we've put it in our Top 5 Best Black Teas!


Got a burning tea question? Give the TEAm a call on 01273 325523.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4 mins - with or without milk.


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 


How we're drinking it:

We love our Earl Grey Creme as a latte! Brew a strong shot of tea, swirl in some honey and top with frothy milk. Check out that and our other fave recipes below:

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Earl Grey Creme

Product Reviews


Based on 163 reviews


Really Tasty

I received a sample of this tea today and all though I've never been an Earl Grey lover I found this blend to be delicious. Super comforting and not at all over powering (which is usually how I feel about Earl Grey teas).


The best earl grey you can buy!

Perfect balance of creamy, smooth and fragrant. It's not over powering and leaves you wanting another cup!


Smooth and creamy

This blend is perfect for a rainy morning or any morning! It is smooth, creamy, very fragrant but not perfumy like cheaper teas. I like mine with a splash of milk to start my day!


A pleasant discovery!

I gotta admit, I am not a fan of Earl Grey, but I tried this tea out of curiosity and it stole my heart! Definitely recommend!


What my Lotus biscuits were longing to be dunked in...

I'm a big fan of Earl Grey tea. I tend to drink it as my everyday tea and enjoy with a splash of milk. I've had a lot of good blends but this is probably my favourite one! It tastes so fresh, not too flowery and the hint of vanilla makes it very smooth and easy to drink. Going to be my new staple for sure!


Smooth and Calming

I am a big lover of Earl Grey and like to find new blends. This blend is excellent. I love it and the first Earl Grey I have found that I'm happy to drink without a drop of milk. This will be a favourite.


Subtle and delightful

This is such a wonderful slight variation on the classic earl grey, it’s a bit more indulgent and fragrant and is so lovely to curl up with on a cold night


My go to tea!

I love Earl Grey Creme- I think it’s the hint of vanilla that makes it so special. Perfect on its own- no milk or even lemon required.



I love this tea, I tried different brands and this is the best for me. The taste feels luxurious and the smell is sweet with a strong flavour. I would not change this for any other. So please never stop selling it!


Tea! Earl Grey Creme Hot!

Earl Grey is Picard's tea of choice but I like to think he would amend his tea order to this if he could. Lovely light and hits the spot my new go to afternoon blend.


Good, safe choice

Earl Grey is pretty much the go-to black tea as far as I know and this blend is particularly nice. Very smooth and decently flavourful.


2 teaspoons per cup

It’s the best tasting earl grey I’ve ever had, it’s smooth and sort of creamy.

Only point to note is I have to use 2 heaped teaspoons to get the perfect cuppa.


Vanilla flowery heaven

I had a sample tea bag of this put in with a mug I bought and loved it so much I came to this website to buy myself a big bag of it. I’m a milk and sugar kind of person which is fine with this, but it’s so smooth I can drink it without milk and sugar and enjoy it just as much.


Nice earl grey

This is a very nice earl grey tea. Just don’t brew it for too long or it can be a bit too much.


Scrumptious, smooth and seductive!

I love this tea- I bought two tins as gifts for friends and family while I was living in Brighton for a month. I fell so in love with it that when I moved to Seattle I ended up shipping out a ton of tea from B&B for me to enjoy in my new house. It was so worth the wait and is still the most delicious Earl Grey I have ever had. You will not regret this and if you love black tea or are just getting started drinking tea this is a great place to start, its classic, yet has its own unique twist that makes it just oh so yummy. And yes I did use the word yummy- unashamed :) ...Read more



This is one of my new favourite teas. It is a nice and creamy twist on a classic earl grey.


really creamy

Our favourite tea so far



The best earl grey you can buy, definitely a house staple.


Lovely but temperamental

I love earl grey and the addition of the creme is an inspired idea. Just watch the brew time on this one as it's easy to go too far and lose the creme taste and just have bitter tea. Beautiful blue bits make this an eye catching tea alongside its exotic cousin, the Earl's Paradise.


Perfect afternoon tea

I thought I didn’t like earl grey... but then I got a sample of this with another order, and I’m now on my second 150g batch. I really love the creamy taste of this tea - it’s definitely proving a comfort in difficult times!

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