*Big News!* We are going plant mylk only in our Brighton Store!

*Big News!* We are going plant mylk only in our Brighton Store!

Wait a moment... we sell tea, right? So isn't milk pretty much an essential?! 


Well, yes... we serve an awful lot of milk with our teas - to quench our Nation's need for a strong milky tea (or cheeky chai or matcha latte!). But we have always had a variety of milk choices including dairy and at least two types of plant mylk on offer in all of our stores to make sure everyone and anyone can enjoy tea with us. In fact our matcha lattes have always been made with almond mylk as standard, because, well we are matcha experts and we say it tastes blooming delicious!


But why plant mylk only?

We have a large vegan communiTEA as well as many people with dietary needs that shop with us so being able to support them (even just in a small way) live their life a little easier is a big thumbs up for us. We also have a large number of team members at BB who are living dairy free, for various reasons and we want to support them by being the best place to work we can be. We also have a very strong environmental ethos and know how much the dairy and meat industry is contributing to the problems we face as a global community. We built this business to enable us to make change in the world and influence causes we care about so we thought we'd give it a try and see what happens.


Don't get us wrong, we also very much believe people should have the freedom to choose and welcome people from all walks of life in our stores. We do not aim to shame and we are happy for the diversity around us. We are trialing plant mylk for a month in Brighton no to tell people how to live their lives or to get on a moral high ground but so we can show people that actually plant mylks are just as good, to challenge the status quo and see whether it makes a difference to people, to starts conversations and to stirs emotions.


And if it does, can we influence a change? We are a tea company after all so if we can change one of our staple ingredients, surely others can follow?

// From 2nd April visit our Brighton store and choose from Almond, Coconut or Oat milk in your tea iced chai or tea latte. We will also be using oat milk as standard from 2nd April, across all of our stores in our matcha lattes. 

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