Award-winning, fresh + fragrant vanilla Earl Grey tea.


Earl Grey Creme

Black Tea

Earl Grey Creme

Award-winning, fresh + fragrant vanilla Earl Grey tea.


79 Reviews

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lProduct Description

Don't we wish prime ministers today were as good as the ones in the good old days? Take PM Earl Grey, he was the cream of the crop. Not only did he help abolish slavery and reform the House of Commons, he also invented the legendary Earl Grey tea! So we've created this delicious black loose leaf tea tribute just for you old chap!


This tea won big at thr Great Taste Awards. Read what the judges had to say and check out our other award-winning teas here. 


Ceylon black tea, vanilla pieces, blue cornflowers, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.


We've put this loose leaf blend in our Top 5 Best Black Teas!

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4 mins - with or without milk 


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Earl Grey Creme

Product Reviews


Based on 79 reviews


One of my favourites!

Such a lovely taste, thank you for this wonderful blend. You will love it!


Love Earl Grey- Earl Grey Creme is Best

As a fan of earl grey- this is probably the best I've had. I purchased some on a trip to England and, when my family discovered it, it was gone before I knew it. Discovered I could purchase it for home delivery to the US and was so happy. Will continue to explore Bird & Blend teas as I've liked everything we've tried to date.



A must have


Every Good Cuppa

I recently discovered Earl Grey Creme at Brickwood in Tooting Market - I was instantly hooked and have been drinking it ever since.


Cornflower Heaven

Real joy to find a Bird & Blend shop in the Northern Quarter in Manchester - the range of teas are excellent but the Earl Grey blend lives up to the very best that I have tasted. Smooth, aromatic with a subtle background flavour of vanilla enhancing this distinctive blend.


I like it with fruit cake

What can I say? It's a really nice blend. Not over-powering with the bergamot, just enough so you know it's Earl Grey. Then there's something else going on - a sort of sweetness. I'm a 'milk and sugar' tea drinker, so with this one the result is great with cake.


Worth a trip across the Atlantic

My husband discovered Earl Grey Creme while visiting Scotland, and quickly decided that it was the smoothest, most flavorful, aromatic tea he had ever experienced. I bought it as a Christmas gift for him and now that I have tried it, I agree wholeheartedly.


A classic

An unconditional classic, perfectly restyled by Bird&Blend that you will enjoyed for sure if you like earl grey and the "bluebird taste" !


Passion in a tea bag

My life partner bought me this tea 3 years ago. I fell in love with it istantly and started to buy more and recommend it to everyone I knew loved tea. Everytime I buy it I always make a vanilla earl grey and lemony creme fraiche cake to share with my friends with a cup of vanilla earlgrey tea . It's earl grey heaven!!!


Would love a bit more cream

I really love the idea of Earl Grey Cream blends, but they always seem to disappoint me. Here’s hoping this one is different.

Hmm, it’s not quite there for me unfortunately.

This is a perfectly nice and smooth Earl Grey with a good amount of bergamot, but there’s just not enough cream or vanilla for me. I can taste a little bit of creaminess, but it’s not enough to stand up to bergamot, which is a fairly strong flavor.

I feel like I’m quite picky about Earl Grey Cream blends, though. Maybe I’ll just have to make myself a London Fog instead. ;)

Flavors: Bergamot, Cream, Perfume, Smooth, Vanilla
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Creme of the Crop

Me and my husband are both big fans of the Earl Grey Creme. The tea has a lovely fresh taste and the vanilla gives it a nice creamy finish. The perfect way to relax after a hard day!


I love this tea!



Forever addicted

I can be very picky when it comes to Earl Grey tea. I tried this one in Brighton, and I constantly go and buy in Nottingham whenever I can. And I got my friends addicted to it too. Oops!


A cut above the rest

I love earl grey tea and this one is really interesting with its subtle tones of vanilla, I’ll be back for more.


Lovely tea

This was a really lovely tea to have without milk. One to recommend for the vegans or those who prefer no milk in Earl Grey.



This Earl Grey Tea is so soothing and smooth in taste for any time of the day. Early in the morning, midday or evening. It is one of the best teas I have had and will continue to purchase in the future, do not hesitate to buy this delicious tea.



This is the best earl grey tea that I have ever had! It is really smooth, perfect for curling up with good book :) even by partner loves it and he's never been a earl grey fan.
Every time I order some new flavours from you guys I always make sure I get my earl grey too!

Would 100% recommend. If you like earl grey you'll love earl grey cream!


Happiness in a Tea Cup

Earl Grey Creme has a wonderfully delicate, subtle and creamy note. I was introduced to it by a friend and have loved it since. It will always be my go to from Bird Blend.


Memories of visit to Borough Market

I am a huge Earl Grey fan and am always on the hunt for something special. Chose this one but hadn’t realised in had vanilla in it so was not sure how it would work. Have just had my first try and I absolutely have fallen in love! Keen to try it as a latte which is suggested on pack.


Probably my favorite of grey earls

I am very picky about my earl greys. Many of them have way too much bergamot oil that kills all other flavours. However this tea is excellent, balanced, light and fragrant, such a joy to drink. Addition of milk brings out the vanilla and floral notes excellently and without milk the almost citrucy scent of the ceylon black leaves come out to play.

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