Vanilla sponge, notes of sweet icing + cake sprinkles!


Birthday Cake Tea


Birthday Cake Tea

Vanilla sponge, notes of sweet icing + cake sprinkles!


42 Reviews

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lProduct Description

Let's be honest, there is nothing better than cake. Except perhaps a cup of tea and cake! Our Birthday Cake Tea is delicious, has both and almost no calories! Oh and did you notice the pretty sprinkles in there too? Talk about having your cake and eating it!



Rooibos, Ceylon black tea*, almond pieces, cake sprinkles (sugar, rice flour, hardened peanut oil, potato starch, flavour, colour E101,), calendula petals, mallow flowers, flavour.


*Please note that this tea has less than 1% of Ceylon black tea, it's not just a Rooibos blend.


Warning: Contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - with or without milk



Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 


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Birthday Cake Tea

Product Reviews


Based on 42 reviews



Great tasting tea, toss up between this and Rhubarb and Custard as my all time favourite. I alternate them every morning to take with me to work at the start of the day.


Like eating cake!

This birthday cake tea is amazing. The taste is like eating cake its so intense. You can taste the cake, the icing it is just Devine. It definatley satisfies a sweet tooth. As someone who is losing weight, the fact that a cup is less than 10 calories is a bonus!


Perfect birthdaycake for those that can't have cake

tea was a birthday gift for a friend after stomach surgery and the recipient really enjoyed it!


So sweet like cake !

This tea is so delicious and sweet just like a birthday cake! And the sprinkles add such a cute touch. The tea also smells amazing in the bag as well as when brewed !


Childhood nostalgia!!

This tastes exactly how a beautiful, yet simple, birthday cake tastes. Beautiful Victoria sponge with adorable little star sprinkles. I love it’s decaffeinated so you can drink anytime you want (I had a couple of cups actually ON my birthday this year!)


All year round birthdays!

My favourite Bluebird teas are the cakey ones, and this is no exception. It tastes as good as it smells when you open the packet, and when it is brewing. You can have birthday cake every day if you wish!


A piece of cake!

I love this birthday cake tea! It has such a great cake flavor without being artificial and sickening sweet. It’s perfect for when you need a little treat but want to keep it healthy!



Really tastes like cake. A great sweet tooth alternative!


Takes The Cake! :P

Oh. My. Gosh. This tea is crazy good!!! It tastes like American style birthday cake, the yellow cake and buttercream frosting :D the sprinkles are such a sweet touch, pun intended!


Just as it says on the package

I purchased this for myself to try last year, and it exactly as the name says; Birthday Cake in a cup. I've now purchased it a few times for friend's birthdays, and there have been rave reviews all around.



Not at all the taste I expected, but still incredible. Thank you for the recommendation of trying with honey, it really does make it taste even better!


Very nice!!

A lovely tea, it does taste like cake! I was concerned it would taste of marzipan because of the almond but it doesn't! It just has a nice mild vanilla cake flavour, and the sprinkles are cute!


Tastes like cake!

Another lovely mix for those who prefer a sweeter mix without the need of sugar


Happy, happy, happy!

Delicious tea that feels perfect on a spring afternoon, enjoye every mouthful


Cake but without the calories

So yummy, does taste kind of like cake batter, I have mine very sweet so it’s good for any sugar cravings. Looove bluebird tea:)


Go Girlfriend, it's your birthday!

This tea is yummy! It's cake in a cup. Or a white chocolate bar. Or a cookie with m&ms! Satisfying both with and without milk, it's the perfect companion (or replacement) for dessert.


Makes the work day a little brighter :)

Everyday's my birthday with star shaped sprinkles!


A sticky treat

I like this tea brewed for 2.5 mins with a dash of milk. Lovely hint of vanilla, i swear you can taste the frosting. Super sweet without tasting sugary. My only complaint is that the tea leaves are very small in this blend and sometimes escape through the holes in my brewer!



I've been intrigued by this tea but never got round to trying it as i had a strong fear it would taste of marzipan, which i hate with a passion! Anyway i decided to take my 7yr old to bluebirds as she loves a cup of their tea and wanted to pick a few small pouches for herself and bday cake was one of them. We got home and had a cup each with milk and a bit a honey (bluebirds matcha honey of course!!) and i have to say we both thoughly enjoyed it. Very tasty and not a hint of marzipan! The spinkles are just added fabness. I'm more of a herbal or green tea drinker but i like a nice milk tea before bed and this is a new one to add to 'milk tea' collection (along with monkey chops, terry's tea and some of the chai's!). My daughter has taken great pleasure in telling everyone about her birthday cake tea......although i don't think people believe her!! ...Read more



I mean, you shouldn't be surprised, because Bluebird is RENOWNED for creating the best tea ever, but S E R I O U S L Y. This tea tastes legitimately like the birthday cakes my Nan used to make for me when I was growing up, and nothing feels more rebellious than having a cup of birthday cake flavoured tea alongside my breakfast smoothie. It helps me get through the day, that's for sure!

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