Full bodied 'builders' tea, perfect loose leaf blend with your fry up!


Builder's Breakfast Brew

Black Tea

Builder's Breakfast Brew

 Full bodied 'builders' tea, perfect loose leaf blend with your fry up!


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lProduct Description

Introducing Bird & Blend's Builder's Brew (BBB!), our strongest breakfast tea. Fantastic with your fry up, perfect with a Paddington (marmalade on toast, obviously!) and suitable for shaking the frost off those brisk British northern mornings. This blend of CTC (cut, tear, curl) leaves creates a cup that packs a palatable punch!


You might have known this classic blend as Triple B! Fear not, although we've changed the name, this cracking cuppa is still exactly the same brew that you know and love.


 Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan black tea.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 tea bag - 100° water - 4 mins with or without milk

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Builder's Breakfast Brew

Product Reviews


Based on 32 reviews


Say no to weak tea!

If you love loose tea with flavour then this the brew for you. Strong and flavourful you know you've had a cuppa after a mug of this. ❤️☕


Full bodied brew

Very good tea, strong and full bodied


You want a real British cuppa ? BAM !!

Want a rousing cuppa with breakfast ? BAM
Just come in from a brisk autumn walk in the woods ? BAM
Hard at work digging the garden ? BAM
Commute a bit of a grind ? BAM

This is THE cuppa. Stand aside Great British Cuppa, stand aside Yorkshire Gold.

No fuss, no flowery flavours. This is strong, bold, no nonsense and surprisingly smooth which makes you want to do that gasping sigh after every slurp. Perfect !...Read more


Wake me up before I go go!

This is a good strong tea with a fabulously deep flavour that is guaranteed to wake you up in the morning, even if the caffeine doesn't! If you like a strong cup of tea, this is the brew for you!

Whilst the advice is to brew for 4 minutes, I tend to brew for 4, stir the pot and brew for another 3. The result is a FANTASTICALLY STRONG tea that you could easily build a house on!


Best cuppa

My favorite tea. If you like a nice strong cuppa this is the one for you! I get this on subscription so there's no chance of ever running out either!


Better than builders brew

I love a really strong cuppa and this blend really delivers. My goto used to be Yorkshire Gold but this Triple B blend has so much more taste, I won't be going back. I really recommend this for those who love a tasty strong black tea.


bloody marvelous tea

A good strong consistent tea, which we discovered when visiting our son who lives around the corner from the Bristol shop. After our first cup we were hooked and this is now our only tea for weekend breakfasts .

Discovering your online service has been another win as we were fearful of running out in these challenging times and we have also been able to send some to a friend who is unwell ...Read more


lovely tea

Just right delicious tea it proper cheers me up. Lovely and strong and cozy for this weather. Thankyou


Like Yorkshire tea but better!

Tea you get from the supermarket can't compete with this. I've also tried Great British Cuppa but personally I prefer this blend. It tastes like Yorkshire tea on steroids and has more strength and better flavour. Definitely going to be my go to when I just want a good old cuppa.


Good , strong tea

This is a nice strong tea without being bitter. Very smooth. Wonderful for cold morning walks to work.


Love it

My favourite tea in the world.


Best breakfast tea

This is my go-to everyday black tea. It has a wonderful flavour and I love having a cup of it to start the day. I drink it with a splash of Oat milk.


Lovely and warming

Bought this for my parents! They really like it and are looking to repurchase it


My favourite tea ever

Triple B is the best tea ever. It has all the attitude of a builder’s tea without the tannin-y attack of a tea bag left in too long. If you live tea you’ll love triple B.


Classic Blend, Best Taste

I drink this tea black, no sugar. Couldn't be happier. Best breakfast tea I've ever had.


A Substantial Cuppa

This tea is really full bodied and strong. It's like if you put three different black teabags into one mug! I didn't expect to like this, as I don't usually like my tea very strong, but I actually did!


Triple B

For lovers of good, strong tea. Great coppery colour. Particularly good start to the day.


A Hearty Start To The Day

I love a sturdy breakfast tea to jumpstart my day and this does just the trick. Very good with a splash of milk and while strong is not bitter and is quite smooth. I ordered 100 bags right after I tried it in the Advent Calendar.


A taste to remember

Love this Tea , It s so very flavoursome, Best builders tea ever . Try it you won’t be disappointed


Truly Delicious Tea

I frequently go to a cafe in Lymington, where they serve Birds T I was astounded by the flavoursome Tea I was drinking , So I asked the name and make , went home and ordered some , even better it’s going to be delivered monthly , Thank you for making such good tasty Teas .

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