Lapsang Souchong Russian Caravan tea - an ancient smoky blend!


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Smoky Russian | Tea Bags

 Lapsang Souchong Russian Caravan tea - an ancient smoky blend!


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lProduct Description

Pinewood smoked Lapsang Souchong black tea - our take on the ancient classic Russian Caravan tea. Blended with Formosa Oolong + Mao Feng Keemun this full bodied, dark smoked tea evokes the aroma of campfires lit along the ancient trade routes. 


Formosa oolong tea, Lapsang Souchong tea, Mao Feng Keemun tea.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 tea bag - 100° water - 4 mins - with or without milk


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques.

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Smoky Russian | Tea Bags

Product Reviews


Based on 18 reviews


Smoky Russian

Lovely deep flavour


Lovely, Smokey Tea

I bought the tea as a present for my boyfriend's dad. Its definitely an acquired taste but he said it was the best lapsang souchongs he's had (and he's had a lot - it's his favourite tea). Love Bird and Blend, the package arrived on time with two taster teas and they used plastic-free packaging i.e. no sellotape so will definitely be buying some more birthday presents from here!


Taste of the Great steppe

Hi I’m enjoying the aromatic and rhythmic flavours of the Smoky



This one is fantastic!!! Fantastic charcoal flavour. Reminds me a lot of Bonfire Toffee and comes in a close second behind it!!


Like a liquid hug

The best Russian Caravan blend I’ve had to date. I’ve been looking all over for tea bags with that smoky goodness and couldn’t have been happier with my first sip. Strongly recommended as an antidote to endless Zoom sessions.



Love this so much!


smoke gets in your eyes

Ordered this for my wife. Couldn't find it anywhere near me. She loves it, it has just the right amount of smoke.

The order was received quickly.
Thank you so much


Delightful Lapsang Souchong

Excellent as a light infusion (leave the bag immersed for 1 minute) or a full-bodied, smoky experience (4 minutes)


A man’s tea


You don’t understand footballers wearing gloves (apart from keepers)

You’ve never had your eyebrows microbladed

You have a fridge just for beer

You never ask for directions

You eat last night’s takeaway for breakfast

You can watch any sport on TV

You don’t watch soaps

Then there’s every chance you’ll love this Tea. Think of it as the Peaty Single Malt of the Tea world. They even have it in convenient tea bags. Smokey Tea – it’s really good!
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Tea will never be the same again

I recently bought some Smoky Russian tea online for the first time, after smelling it in Bird and Blend in Brighton and forgetting to go back and buy it and I am so glad I did. I have got so bored with my bog standard cups of green tea from generic supermarket brands and I can honestly say I am officially ruined for life. This is the most wonderful tea and it makes you realise it is worth that little extra money to get a proper, delicious cup of comfort. Smoky Russian is recommended to anyone who loves strong flavours, winter scenes and notes of pure nostalgia, relating to nights by crackling fires and late nights in the outdoors. I also got sent 2 sample flavours, one of which was Earl Grey Creme and I will never buy another brand of Earl Grey again. That will be my next purchase, for sure. Treat yourself to some Bird and Blend tea, you wont regret it....Read more


My favourite black tea

I am a huge green tea fan so was a bit sceptical when this tea was behind one of the doors of the advent calendar. At first I was unsure of the smoky smell but omg what a lovely tea! Enjoyed it so much I made sure to order more, definitely my favourite black tea!


Smokier than the average Russian

I first came across this tea in the 2018 Advent Calendar. My daughter bagsied it then raved about it, which is always gratifying - annoying but gratifying - so I bought her some more.

Its intensely smokey and really does capture a feeling out outdoors and campfires. The base tea is very smooth and flavoursome and compliments the smoking rather than distracting from it. There is no bitterness.

In our house "Russian Caravan" became "Ruskie Caravan", then "Rusty Caravan" and then simply "Rusty" - as in you would hear us say "Do you fancy a Rusty?" ; "Oh yes please". There is nothing rusty about this tea - its smooth and bright and energising. Easily the best of this type I've ever tried.
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I love the smell of this tea

It literally smells like fire and tastes smoky and delicious. Keeping you warm in cold winter mornings.


My favourite

This tea is very different, and very yummy. Full bodied, smoky and satisfying.


My favourite - smoky, savoury and indulgent

This is AMAZING. It is unlike anything I’ve ever had before, but I can’t get enough of it. It is delicious, and confuses but delights the tastebuds - and leads to a chorus of “what can I smell?” across the office - in a good way!



Really delicious tea, I love the smoky flavour. I ordered tea bags because I'm lazy and I have a cupboard full of lose leaf, and they've been really convenient.



I bought Smokey Russian for myself when buying Christmas presents for others. I am converted from the previous brand I had!



The smell of this brewing is great... Hardest part is rationing myself.