You choose the match, how regular and we deliver!


Matcha Subscription

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Matcha Subscription

You choose the match, how regular and we deliver!


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Subscribing to matcha has never been so easy!


Want to get into a new routine? With our easy to set up subscription you can choose your favourite matcha, choose how regularly you want it, then every so often you will receive your matcha in the post - it's as easy as that, no nasty hidden strings making it easy to cancel whenever you choose!


1. Press 'Set up tea subscription'

2. Choose your blend + how often

3. Add subscription to basket - at this point, you can also review the price


And as a welcome present, with all new subscriptions we pop in a free Matcha Tea Spoon!

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Matcha Subscription

Product Reviews


Based on 2 reviews



Brilliant! Just brilliant! Very fruity, very tasty.
Can't wait to try different flavours!


Absolutely LOVE the Matcha tea blends!

I came over to Brighton for a weekend with some good friends, stumbled across your shop and have never looked back. Unfortunately there is not a shop local to me (Cambridge) so I was pleased to find that they offer tea subscriptions, so signed up and now don't miss a day without my super matcha gingernut matcha, yay!