Super Matcha green tea powder with two additional superfoods, Acai and Blueberry!

The UK's first flavoured matcha collection, hand blended by us on the South Coast


Super Matcha 30g Tin

Green Tea

Super Matcha 30g Tin

Super Matcha green tea powder with two additional superfoods, Acai and Blueberry!

The UK's first flavoured matcha collection, hand blended by us on the South Coast


30g pot, approximately 30 serving



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lProduct Description

Bird & Blend's Super Matcha is packed full of goodness - smooth Japanese matcha and fruity acai and blueberry.


Why not turn it into our fabulous Blueberry Muffin Matcha latte?


We are proud to announce that our expert Tea Mixologists have created the UK’s first flavoured Matcha Collection in some of their favourite flavours using natural ingredients and all hand blended at our HQ in Brighton.   



Japanese matcha green tea powder with acai powder and natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.

pBrew the perfect cup

Mix up your matcha as a hot cup with honey or iced and milky, shot it, bake with it, put it in your yoghurt... for matcha recipe ideas see our tea recipe page.


Want to find out more about matcha and its benefits? Pop over to our our UniversiTEA Blog, learn about matcha section.

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Super Matcha 30g Tin

Product Reviews


Based on 40 reviews


My go to tea

This is my regular order at the tea room. It has a delicious subtle flavour and I love the caffeine and antioxidant boost.


Blueberry Deliciousness

So unbelievably tasty- if you enjoy matcha it’s perfect! All natural and the blueberry muffin taste is delicious


Super and MORE!

Hands down my favorite blend to date, the flavour of the acai and blueberries really do it well!


Power kick

I love this blend, it really is the best to have with your breakfast. I make it as a latte, the flavours are not overpowering, but a great alternative to coffee.



This powerfully strong Blueberry matcha puts the super in the title, I mean WOW it's strong in flavor. I don't like blueberries but like this, it is perfect for not just teas and lattes, but you can use this in cooking too, I made pancakes with this matcha which tasted like a blueberry muffin. This is so good it's not sweet, it has that earthy matcha taste too. Perfect for multiple use.



I drink this strong with less water. Gives me energy and is certainly helping with my weight loss program. Now on my second tin!


Great tea

Nice flavour, great matcha



Sadly this was not all it was cracked up to be. There's barely any flavour of matcha even if I put loads in. I have a special matcha whisk and it does not blend well! Most of it tends to sit at the bottom of the cup. Really disappointing!



For Those days when you need something special



Very pleasant matcha! I love mine with steamed oat milk!


Forget the hyperbole, this is all about the taste

Energising? Possibly. Detoxing? Hangover cure? I know that the tea does neither, but that's not the point. It's the taste of the matcha that counts. My wife and I came into the store some while ago and were treated to a taste of the Super Matcha with oat milk and it was absolutely fantastic. So much so that we bought a starter kit on the spot. It's light, delicious and a healthy treat for my wife and I enjoy it too. There's a delightful fruity sweet kick in the tea that benefits from a little honey to bring it to the fore. Absolutely delightful. Forget the hyperbole and just buy this because it tastes so good!...Read more


As delicious as the Ice Cream matcha... maybe even more!

Bird & Blend's Ice Cream Matcha has been the thing that makes me excited to get out of bed in the morning for months now so I was sceptical that any other matcha blend could live up to it... but the Super Matcha is soooo delicious! In the summer I like to drink acai berry smoothies but it's too cold in the winter so how great that they've put acai in this matcha! I feel so good drinking this every day instead of coffee - it's the perfect healthy pick me up!...Read more


Zing in a Tin

Refreshing, light, and in a handy tin. I always have this in my home.


MMMMmmmmmm...but a little strong

A little goes a LONG way; I find myself adding lots and lots of milk to this one, but the flavour is divine!


Perfect bedtime drink

Actually this would be lovely at any time but it's particularly scrummy as a hot drink before bed. Lovely flavours and love that it's caffeine free.


Life changing

I started using super Matcha about a year ago and it really has changed my life and my two daughters. Energising and detoxing as it says on the tin. Can't start the day without.


Delicious and nutritious

Having fallen in love with the company at Glastonbury festival I had to buy the blueberry matcha. A dream in a cup.
Delivery was quick and efficient too.


Start your day with a boost

I'm now on to my third tin of Bluebird Supermatcha and what a good start it is to the day as well as being a delicious warming drink to get you going.


gotcha matcha

love this super matcha tea from bluebird tea and nope I don't share it with any-one else its al mine (mostly) :)
perfectly fabulous


Amazing tea and company!!! Love

Amazing tea and company!!! Love the taste and health benefits. I will be buying again for many years to come

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