The best tea bags to cold brew with

The best tea bags to cold brew with

We love to use refreshing fruity tea when making cold brew tea. Fruit tea bags give a lovely sweet taste after being slow brewed in a Cold Brew Tea Bottle and are a perfect for a warm summer day! It keeps you fresh and hydrated all throughout the warm season!


But keep in mind that green tea, light black tea and floral black tea are also great for cold brewing.


Best cold brew tea bags:

We like to use the pyramid, silk tea bags for our cold brew tea, as they have more tea inside and infuse better than ‘regular’ teabags. Cold brewing can result in a more delicate infusion, so it is important that you get the most flavour out of your teabag!


The best tea bags to cold brew with (in our opinion!) are:


MojiTEA - green tea with mint and lime pieces.

Fruit Salad - our favourite caffeine-free, fruity herbal tea

Strawberry Lemonade - our award-winning fruit tea

Bears Like Marmalade - Bear's beloved orange marmalade infused tea!

Elderflower Prosecco - Exquisite elderflower citrus Oolong tea blend


We have an entire blog post dedicated to making cold brew tea properly, but a sneak peek won't hurt anyone!

Cold-brew tea is simply tea left to infuse in cold water over a few hours or overnight. It is a great way to have a taste-ready drink in the morning or after a day at work, and you can get creative!

Add milk, cut-up fruits, jam, sweets (for the most daring ones!) and whatever else you fancy!

If you like this concept, we have great recipes, and ideas of what to put in your cold brew bottle, go check these out!


You can also go visit our online tea shop to explore our hand-blended teas (mixed in the UK) and other tea accessories. 

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