The best tea bags to cold brew with

The best tea bags to cold brew with

The best teas to cold brew with:

We love to use refreshing fruity tea bags when making cold brew tea. Fruit tea bags give a lovely sweet taste after being slow brewed in a Cold Brew Tea Bottle and are a perfect for a warm summer day!


Green tea bags and light or floral black tea bags are great for cold brewing too.

Best cold brew tea bags:

We like to use pyramid, silk tea bags for our cold brew tea, as they have more tea inside and infuse better than ‘regular’ tea bags. Cold brewing can result in a more delicate infusion, so it is important that you get the most flavour out of your tea bag!


The best tea bags to cold brew with (in our opinion!) are:


MojiTEA - green tea with mint and lime pieces.

Fruit Salad - our favourite caffeine free, fruity herbal tea

Strawberry Lemonade - our award winning fruit tea

One in a Melon - limited edition sencha green tea with juicy melon

Pineapple Sorbet - limited edition green tea with chunks of pineapple


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