Why Breakfast’s Ready, Honey is the best ‘decaf’ breakfast tea you will ever taste!

Why Breakfast’s Ready, Honey is the best ‘decaf’ breakfast tea you will ever taste!

‘Breakfast’s Ready, Honey isn’t going to appeal to our customers’


‘It’s a bit too ‘standard’ to be on brand, isn’t it?!’


‘But people don’t want rooibos tea as their breakfast tea…! It won't work!’


‘Tastes great but isn’t it a bit basic for you guys?!’



Krisi here… OK so you might think I’m a bit mad for sharing these, arguably slightly negative, pieces of feedback that I’ve had from the BB team and our new product development group… especially as it is pretty rare for us to receive anything other than ‘wow’, ‘I love it’ and ‘You guys are Tea Wizards’ < yes, an actual comment!  


However, you know that when we are super passionate about something we aren’t afraid to shout loud about it… and I am hoping that I will be able to convince you that BRH is in fact THE blend that only we ‘Tea Wizards’ have the skill to deliver.


Let me start by saying that a ‘decaf breakfast tea (that actually tastes nice)’ is one of our most requested teas I get from customers.


My response is always to explain why you guys don’t actually want to be drinking ‘decaf’ tea (give our ‘Is decaf tea good for you?’ post a read so I don’t have to get the soap box out again!). The short story is that to make a black breakfast tea ‘decaf’ you have to use a chemical to strip the leaves (which in our opinion is worse than the caffeine anyway) AND as caffeine is in the molecular structure of the tea leaf you can NEVER actually get a fully decaf ‘tea’ … it’s all a marketing myth!


So we choose to promote our huge range of herbal blends (we have made it our mission to have the biggest selection in the UK - so far so good!), especially our rooibos blends that are fab with milk, as a natural alternative. BUT… the problem is that none of the current range really cut it for those of you who love a breakfast brew. Those of you who are keeping it simple with milk & sugar  (shout out to my Northern roots) but need to cut back on the caffeine.


Breakfast's Ready Honey Caffeine Free Tea


I know you guys love it when we launch our insane flavours but I really wanted to make sure I solved this regular request as it is obvious that there just isn’t a decent decaf breakfast option out there that you are happy with! And for me it always had to be rooibos…


I know that some people can be skeptical about rooibos tea, I was too when I first started on my tea journey, but just read our reviews and you will see that we’ve converted all the rooibos haters out there with our awesome blends!


So what’s so good about our new caffeine free breakfast blend!? To start with it really brews a strong cuppa … easily enough to compete with your normal builders. It is fab with milk and robust enough to take it but still hold its flavour. Plus if you like sugar in your tea you will probably that the slight honey note will mean that you wont need to add it - win win! Just to point out at this point that the honey isn’t a strong flavour at all, and that it comes from the honeybush and is totally vegan friendly!


I’ll admit that I started with a few of the more constructive pieces of feedback we’ve had, but we also had some fab comments too so I’ll leave them here to end on a high!


Customer Reviews Of Breakfast's Ready, Honey...

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Normally I’m not that fussed with breakfast teas, especially decaf- but this was actually one of the best teas I’ve tasted in a LONG time. The flavours in the tea, the honey & the sunflower petals pair so well with the rooibos base- will definitely be ordering regularly! - Est-Hope


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - A subtle sweetness punctuated this smooth rooibos tea, perfect for breakfast or supper due to its lack of caffeine. It's absolutely delicious and a great introduction to additional flavours for a new tea bird. - Nicky


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - And caffeine-free major points as I always want tea before bed but do not want to be up all night. Now I have something just to relax into bed with and have any time. Good with and without milk! - My Mad tea loving house


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