Top 5 Black Teas You Need to Know!

Top 5 Black Teas You Need to Know!

Here at Bird & Blend Tea Co. we love our black teas so much we have created over 20 different flavoured blends but fear not...we have whittled down to our favourite 5!

We're going to show our top 5 loose leaf black teas we believe you need in your life to satisfy all your black tea needs...ranging from your classic teas to the 'not so known' but delicious black teas, this is the article you need to read!


Our Favourite Classic Black Teas...

Top 5 Black Tea Earl Grey Crème

Black Tea Number 1...Earl Grey Crème!

Introducing one of Bird & Blend Tea Co.'s award-winning teas! This best selling Ceylon black tea contains only natural flavours and gives a delicate vanilla fragrance. Named after the legendary Earl Grey himself, this creamy blend is a perfect tribute. Blended by our expert Tea Mixologists, Earl Grey Crème is a tasty twist on an already classic tea, perfect for your morning brew.

Enjoy sipping!

Top 5 Black Tea Bonfire Toffee

Black Tea Number 2...Bonfire Toffee!

Every had a smokey black tea before? Well, if you have, you are one of the lucky ones! If you haven't, look no further than Bonfire Toffee! The loose leaf blend of Caramel and Apple is another option to satify your tea obsession in the morning. This infusion of Sri-Lankan Black Tea and Lapsang Souchong Black Tea is packed with natural flavours, cinnamon and safflower which creates this amazing smokey treat!

Disclaimer: be careful with this one!

Top 5 Black Tea Chocolate Digestive

Black Tea Number 3...Chocolate Digestives! must be thinking of everyone's favourite biscuit! Well kind of. At Bird & Blend, this is a favourite alright...say hello to Chocolate Digestives! Another member of the Sri-Lanakan Black Tea family, this sweet, naturally flavoursome blend of Cocoa, Liquorice, Fenugreek and Cardomom. It wouldn;t go without saying that this black tea goes swimmingly with the real thing.

So get dunking!

Top 5 Black Tea Dark Choc Chilli Chai

Black Tea Number 4...Dark Choc Chilli Chai!

This is the first and only chai in this list but deserves to be mentioned nonetheless. This guilt free loose leaf black tea definitely packs a sweet but chilli infused punch to get your senses tingling! This tea blend is subtle but impactful and yet another tea that will defintely wake you up in the morning. In fact, this tea is perfect for any time of the day! 

Beware! This tea does come with a chilli warning...but we're sure you can bear it!

Top 5 Black Tea Monkey Chops

Black Tea Number 5...Monkey Chops!

This loose leaf blend may just be the best of the bunch! This addition to the Ceylon black tea family is blended with freeze-dried banana, coconut, calendula petals, sunflower petals and finished off with fragrant vanilla pieces which makes this black tea smooth and deliciously creamy. Affectionately named but packed with flavour...making this the perfect tea to finsh off our list!

Caution...those who drink may go bananas!

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