Moondrop Dreams Tea Infused Candle

Moondrop Dreams Tea Infused Candle

Our Dreamtime Collection was created to help you relax and slept well but you don't just had to drink the tea to do this (as you're about to find out). One of our Tea Reps has transformed our Moondrop Dreams tea into a candle! Find out how to make it below:


This recipe was created by our Tea Rep: Sinaladina

What you will need:

What to do:

For the scent:


To make the scent, the first thing you need to do is heat up your oil in a pan on a low heat and add 4 Perfect Tea Spoons of Moondrop Dreams tea (or whichever tea you want to use). You need to heat it for 15 minutes but don't want it to boil so keep the heat low!


For the wax:


1. The first thing you need to do is put the wax in an old tin (an empty matcha tin would be perfect for this) and hear it up in a water bath until the wax has melted


2. You then need to glue the wicks to the pot. To do this, you should dip them in the fluiid wax and stick them to the middle of your candle pot. 


3. Next, add the oil and tea mixture to the melted wax and give it a good stir so that everything is evenly spread out.


4. You then need to pout the mixture into your candlle pots and let them cool for about 2 hours.


5. Finally, you can run a bath, light your candle and RELAX! 

Everything you need for this recipe:

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