Mate Matcha Zinger Recipe

Mate Matcha Zinger Recipe

Bird & Blend's organic Yerba Mate powder, ground to Japanese Matcha specifications, steamed with a dollop of honey + wedge of lime. Packs a punch- but without the crash later on!

What you will need:

What to do:

1. Add 1 Perfect Matcha Teaspoon of Mate Matcha to your mug / cup with 50ml of cool water.

2. Whisk well with a Matcha Whisk making sure you get rid of any clumps. (A battery powered milk frother or even a fork will also work.)

3. When there is a layer of bubbles on the top and you are confident there are no clumps, your matcha is almost ready to go! At this point top up with hot water.


4. Add honey + stir well.

5. Squeeze in the juice from the wedge of lime + enjoy!

Everything you need for this recipe:

Our bamboo Matcha Whisks are perfect for making completely clump free matcha without any mess and our Perfect Matcha Spoons will measure out the right amount of matcha every time. 

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