Matcha honey recipes and tips

Matcha honey recipes and tips

Hand-blended, local RAW matcha honey.

As you know, here at Bird & Blend Tea Co. we like to lead the way for all things tea and our Matcha Honey- launched in September 2015- was no exception!

After a long summer tinkering in the kitchen to get it just right, we were super excited and ready to release our range of flavoured Matcha Honey: Rooibos, Lemon, Orange, Super and Regular, all created in partnership with the wonderful Brighton-based Blackman Bee Farm.

Matcha honey

Local Brighton & Hove honey

Ever since we first opened our Brighton store, we’ve been using Blackman Bees' Brighton and Hove Raw Honey in our in-store drinks – and we consume a rather large amount on our porridge at Bird & Blend HQ too! Our Brighton customers love that the honey is locally sourced from bees that live across the South East and that it's unprocessed (raw!); the best kind! As an added bonus, it's full of pollen, which is known to help hay fever sufferers build up a tolerance to pollen and help relieve symptoms!

Whilst the amazing benefits of using natural RAW honey instead of artificial sweeteners are already known to many, the benefits of matcha tea are only just becoming widely known. Matcha is powdered green tea leaves that you can enjoy as a hot cup of tea by adding hot water, but it’s really versatile- so you can also add it to smoothies, iced teas or use in baking! Because it's ground down, you consume the whole tea leaf, which means that matcha has 30 x the benefits of drinking a cup of regular green tea!

So now not only is our honey delicious, but it's also packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from the matcha- and it may help with concentration + energy levels, as well as some other health benefits too!

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A few recipe ideas...

Give it a try and let us know what you think; we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do! To get you started, these are a few of our favourite things to do with our new Bird & Blend Matcha Honey…

  • Add it to your hot cup of tea as a natural sweetener. For a subtle taste, our favourite is our Rooibos Matcha Honey- or for more of a twist, try one of our flavours, such as Lemon!
  • Spread it on your toast. We love Super (acai and blueberry), drizzled on top of wholegrain toast and sliced bananas!
  • Add it to your breakfast porridge bowl, with a sprinkling of berries too if you want to go all out!
  • Add Rooibos Matcha Honey to your tea latte or coffee latte – the malty taste is amazing!
  • Add to your favourite smoothie recipe, plus 100ml water, instead of using a super sweet fruit juice concentrate.
  • When your jar is really nearly empty, add your favourite alcoholic spirit of choice, shake well, add ice and enjoy as a cocktail! We LOVE Rooibos with bourbon, and Lemon with gin! 

Matcha honey on toast

Visit our online matcha shop to explore our hand-blended RAW matcha honeys, as well as matcha powder and other matcha accessories. 

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