Lemon & Honey Iced Tea

Lemon & Honey Iced Tea

Follow this simple recipe & make our classic ‘Lemon Honey’ iced tea, straight from our in-store menu! Shhh… Don’t tell anyone!

Serves: 1

What you will need:

- 100ml boiling water
- 100ml cold water
- 2
Perfect Teaspoon of Great British Cuppa tea
- 2 slices of fresh lemon
- 1 tbs of
Brighton RAW Honey
- A handful of ice! 

What to do:

-  Brew your Great British Cuppa in 100ml of boiling water, for 4 mins.
- Strain your brew, & add 100ml of fresh, cold water.
- Squeeze in two slices of lemon, & add 1 tbs of honey.
- Give your drink a good stir, & pour into a glass, half filled with ice.
- Take a sip & enjoy!

Everything you need for this recipe:

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