ChariTEA: Shine for ShelterBox

ChariTEA: Shine for ShelterBox

One of our two chosen chariTEAs this quarter is ShelterBox, a charity that provides emergency shelter and tools for those who have lost everything as a result of natural disasters or conflict. The organisation hand-delivers those affected with ShelterBoxes, a box containing a sturdy, family-sized tent, designed to withstand the elements to provide shelter until more permanent accommodation is built, as well as cooking tools, solar lights and activities for children; and ShelterKits, which contain all the essential tools for rebuilding and repairing homes. In addition, ShelterBox also provide SchoolBoxes, so that children’s education doesn’t have to stop- even in difficult circumstances.

The UK's first Herbfield blend: Meadow

One of the key ways the charity fundraise is by encouraging supporters to hold Shine for ShelterBox events- asking people to host a dinner party in return for donations. ShelterBox will send a box full of everything needed to have a successful evening, including invitations, recipes and suggestions as to how to host a great evening. The idea has taken off so well that local Brighton businesses- including popular restaurant 64 Degrees- are hosting their own Shine for ShelterBox evenings to raise money. Bird & Blend is proud to be supporting these evenings and raising money for the charity through sales of this quarter’s ChariTea, Earl’s Paradise.


Our chariTEA blend- Earl's Paradise

We'll be supporting our chosen chariTEAs this quarter through sales of Earl's Paradise- as a sweet twist on a classic, it's the perfect tea to enjoy with other people!

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