Our best selling caffeine free rhubarb tea with creamy custard notes!


Rhubarb + Custard Tea


Rhubarb + Custard Tea

Our best selling caffeine free rhubarb tea with creamy custard notes!


134 Reviews

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lProduct Description

Hardy British super fruit, much-loved vintage cartoon characters, top boiled sweet and crumble of the gods...Our Rhubarb and Custard Tea really is a pairing made in heaven. This naturally caffeine free rhubarb tea is made from rooibos tea that will satisfy your sweet tooth! Sounds like a super sweet deal to us!


This is an award-winning tea, see more about our Great Taste Award teas and what the judges had to say about our blends here.


You'll love me if you like: Birthday Cake, Jelly and Ice Cream, Bananas and Custard, Monkey Chops.



Rooibos, rhubarb pieces, calendula, flavour.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients. 

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup -100° water - 4+ mins, with or without milk


 Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Rhubarb + Custard Tea

Product Reviews


Based on 134 reviews


Dreamy Dessert Indulgence

This is one of those rare teas that tastes every bit as good as it smells. Makes my sweet tooth happy without going straight to my thighs - you can’t ask for more than that! I love unwinding with this before bedtime.



I don’t know why I ordered this tea. I don’t care for red rooibos teas and I seriously dislike rhubarb. I saw saw so many good reviews and I had to try it. For me all rooibos teas taste the same and I can’t get past that initial flavor. In this tea I am greeted with a rich and creaminess that I can only assume is meant to be the custard. The flavor is really nice. I am delighted I bought it. I wish I had gotten something larger than a sample size....Read more


Tastes as good as it smells

You know how some fruit teas smell fantastic and then taste rather insipid? This one is packed full of flavour and is just right when you want something sweet-ish for after dinner that isn't cake.


Rhubarb goodness!

I've had a couple of free samples of this tea and it's now on my shopping list for when I get through some of the teas I have in. It's amazing. I prefer it with milk.


Who doesn’t love a treat?!

This tea captures the flavour perfectly! Who needs to grab the sugary sweets when this hits the mark perfectly!


I keep buying this again and again

It's my favourite tea by far, and I love that its caffeine free, its sweet with a lovely tangy edge to it, so good that its on my list every time I place an order.



This is my favourite, a strong sweet flavour which smells heavenly!


Nice but subtle

I was hoping for a good punch of rhubarb with this tea but in the end I found the flavour to be quite mild. It's pleasant and you can taste rhubarb followed by a creamy custard aftertaste but I'd prefer it to be stronger.


Not a sweet but still a treat

As an avid supporter of the great British sweet, I had to go for this flavour and it didn’t disappoint - delicious!


Sweet Iced Tea

I bought this to make iced tea, and it is perfect for that - very sweet and flavorful and refreshing. I personally prefer a lighter flavor, but my family particularly loved this one!


My very favorite

I LOVE this tea! It’s amazing hot and as cold brew. I originally discovered Bird and Blend because of their amazing Earl Grey Creme, but I keep finding more and more amazing teas from them!


Buy it now!

Rhubarb is one of my favourite flavours in the world and I am so glad I have found a tasty tea with that sweet rhubarb flavour. Will be buying again!


Needs more punch!

This tea was nice, but I felt like the rhubarb and custard flavours were a little too muted for my taste. Needed a bit more of a punch to really stand out against the rooibus. Still, not bad!


A tried-and-tested classic

This is a sweet treat with a lovely tangy flavour. Perfect if you're wanting some tannin but no caffeine. It's so versatile: you can enjoy it as a classic hot cuppa or a refreshing ice tea. A good one to start with if you're a tea newbie or as a gift for the not-yet converted.


Partner likes it, but it's not for me

This isn't a tea for me. I much prefer Birthday Cake if I'm getting rooibos. However, if you're a Roobios fan, go on and try it! It may be just right for you.


Rooibos with a fruity twist

I enjoy a Rooibos tea and really love this sweet fruity twist. I first tried it as a sample and ended up ordering a bag. It's great to have before bed.


I cant get enough!

I love this tea!I bought a sample pack which was gone within a few days as it is sooo good. Bought the 150g tin and the contents are going fast. Great for an everyday sweet tea. If you like rhubard you'll love this tea.


Delicious treat

A lovely rhubarb and custard tea, even better when infused in to milk. I make porridge with my rhubarb and custard milk :)


It actually tastes like rhubarb and custard

An all time fave, truly delicious


Perfection in a cup

Amazing hot but also amazing cold with some gin

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