Immune soothing turmeric tea in our Golden Milk inspired Matcha 

The UK's first flavoured matcha collection, hand blended by us on the South Coast



Turmeric Matcha Tea 30g Tin


Turmeric Matcha Tea 30g Tin

Immune soothing turmeric tea in our Golden Milk inspired Matcha 

The UK's first flavoured matcha collection, hand blended by us on the South Coast



30g pot, approximately 30 serving



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lProduct Description

We have used our award-winning decaf rooibos matcha in this Immune soothing turmeric tea blend. The health benefits of turmeric tea have been celebrated for thousands of years. Just whisk up with coconut milk + raw honey for an immune boosting Golden Milk! 


Check out our Golden Milk Recipe and blog, What is Golden Milk?


Our expert Tea Mixologists have created the UK’s first flavoured Matcha Collection in some of their favourite flavours using organic, natural ingredients and all hand blended at our HQ in Brighton.   


The Detox Warrior. The Energising Elixir. The Slimming Superhero. The Hangover Destroyer. These are some of the nicknames for our Matcha!


Matcha is a traditional Japanese powdered green tea with up to 10 x the benefits of regular green tea, 7 x the vitamin C as orange juice and 3 x the energy boost as an espresso shot! It's packed full of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients and is said to aid weight loss, lowering blood pressure and increasing concentration levels and clarity of mind.


Bird & Blend's Mixology Matcha contains rare and unique white matcha, grown at higher elevations to ensure an antioxidant boosted, even more nutrient rich cup. 




Turmeric, cinnamon, rooibos matcha, ginger, black pepper


Warning: May contain traces of nuts

pBrew the perfect cup

Learn how to make matcha in 5 quick steps


Mix up your matcha as a hot cup with honey or iced and milky, shot it, bake with it, put it in your yoghurt... for matcha recipe ideas see our tea recipe page.


Want to find out more about matcha and its benefits? Pop over to our UniversiTEA Blog, learn about matcha section.

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How To Make A Matcha Latte


Turmeric Matcha Tea 30g Tin

Product Reviews


Based on 7 reviews


One a day keeps the doctor away!

Everyone knows that Turmeric has some kick-ass health benefits but I already take enough supplements and as much as I love curry, I can’t eat it 3 times a day.

Enter this little hug in a mug. Warming, spicy, comforting and tasty. The Turmeric flavour isng overpowering and all the spices blend together really nicely.

It doesn’t all quite dissolve so be sure to give the last few mouthfuls a good swirl to make sure you get all the goodness.
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Perfect overnight detox

Wow! How can something so healthy taste so indulgent? Really easy to make with coconut milk and honey. Tastes so good and is a perfect alternative to my bedtime chamomile tea, with added detox benefits.


Lovely pick-me-up after work

This Turmeric Matcha Tea is a lovely warming Matcha. I like it especially as a latte after work .


Different but nice

I like this matcha in the evenings, really tasty and very good for you. Good job bluebird tea



I was sceptical about this purchase. I only really bought it on impulse because it was supposed to be 'healthy'. IT TASTES A M A Z I N G!!. its so comforting and warming. Its got really subtle notes of winter spices and is pleasantly sweet! Try this , I urge you!!


Subtle spice and really nice

Delicious, warming and invigorating.



Really comforting when you're feeling off colour. The spice is gently warming, whilst the taste is not overpowering. Great alternative to a hot chocolate. I put some in a mug of hot milk, froth it up, then top up with boiling water and add a tiny bit of sugar or money to taste.