Award-winning, nostalgic aniseed, star anise + liquorice herbal tea blend.


Aniseed Balls

Herbal Infusion

Aniseed Balls

Award-winning, nostalgic aniseed, star anise + liquorice herbal tea blend.


21 Reviews

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lProduct Description

This blend won the highest food award in the country. The judges said: 'Truly original and delicious infusion that packs a true punch.. finally a blend that's blokey'! It's also the nation's favourite childhood sweet. Not just our opinion, it's fact. There was a survey, questionnaire and everything.


This tea won big at this years Great Taste Awards. Read what the judges had to say and check out our other award winning teas here. 


The Guild of Fine Food judges said: 

'Truly original and delicious infusion that packs a true punch of the stated ingredients. Some might like lesser chilli but it’s not over the top by any means. Another brilliant combination and at last a mixture that’s blokey. Perfect outdoor winter drink – perhaps with a tot of something. Rum, we think.'



Liquorice, aniseed, star anise, hibiscus, chilli.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - no milk



Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Aniseed Balls

Product Reviews


Based on 21 reviews


Lovely tea, not too overpowering

I'm not a huge fan of aniseed, I bought this one for my Mum, but it's actually lovely! Not that I'm surprised because I haven't found a tea that I don't like from here. It tastes a bit like those blackcurrent and liquorice sweets, it's a lovely flavour, and the aniseed isn't too overpowering :) another amazing tea by Bird & Blend


Not my Cup of Tea

I got this to try as I like aniseed but not licorice and I wanted to see if I would like it but it does taste quite strongly of both and while I would drink it Its not my favourite


Hello childhood!

I love this tea! It tastes just as I thought it would and smells delicious. Aniseed balls are my favourite childhood sweets, and this is a lovely, sugar free, alternative now that I'm all grown up and sensible...


Not what I expected

The sound of this tea never really appealed to me but my mum wanted to try it so I got her some from the Nottingham store, which we tried together. Was pleasantly surprised as the taste isn't as over powering as I was expecting. This tea is even a hit with my nephew!


If you love Aniseed Twists you will LOVE this tea

This is by far my favourite tea blend! It tastes just like those aniseed twist sweets! The flavour is good too - sometimes with flavoured tea it smells more than it tastes but this one definitely delivered! Will be buying again!


2nd time!

This is the second time for this!


This is getting reordered!

This tea is an absolute star! If you like a good strong cold brew this is the one thats gonna give you intensity, the aniseed is clearly present but then you pick up on the other flavours its like a little taste trip and a very good one at that, brewed hot nothing comes off as overtly powerfull (i did wonder if it would blow my socks off) but was pleasantly surprised again by the depth of flavours present, sure fire winner plus beautiful deep rich red colour on cold brew...Read more



What a glorious colour and then the flavour! A lovely mix of sweetness, herbs and chilli, very refreshing and very warming. Another winner from Bird and Blend.


aniseed memories

perfect representation of another sweet from my childhood perfect as a cold brew or frozen as an ice lolly



This is one of my top favorites! It really tastes like the aniseed ball sweets, it has the most beautiful flavour. Another one that is great when you’re feeling under the weather, because it’s soothing on the throat, warming and comforting. You can gauge the spice by brewing it for more or less time, I love to have it spicy though :)


Amaze balls

Love the flavour of this one. Reminds me of my favourite sweet as a child. Nice a refreshing to drink with a little kick.


Stunning flavour

I absolutely love this product... The taste is amazing, and reminds me of school. Perfect x


aniseed balls

Lovely and refreshing drink.


Lovely and warming

This is the second time I have bought this tea. We tried a taster and 11yr old son and I really liked the real taste of aniseed coming through. It’s very warming and when he was full of cold, that’s what he wanted to drink. He said it helped clear his nose! I do have a few problems scooping it up though as this bag has some big pieces of star anise in it but I just break them up.


For Black Licorice Jellybean Lovers

The tea for this blend looks amazing, with lots of big pieces of star anise swirling in the bag. Dry, or brewed, this tea smells just like black licorice jellybeans (my favorite!). The licorice is less pronounced in the flavor of the brewed tea, with more red-berry notes from the hibiscus shining through. Very festive-looking tea leaves, and a flavorful, spicy herbal taste.


Liquid Sweets

As I'm not an englishman, I don't know how the sweets taste, but I should definetly try them, if they match this fantastic blend. The acidity from the hibiscus combines perfectly with the flavour of the aniseed, the sweetness of the liquorice and the spice of the chilli. My favourite herbal infusion by now!


Yum yum yum

My favorite. I was planning to buy some more, but I didn't have to. I express my delight in this tea and received a bunch for my birthday from my daughter and a friend.

Obviously, you have to like the aniseed flavor or you will not like this. The smell is divine and inviting. The addition of chili is just enough to give a warming feel and it is not over-powering the taste of the tea at all. It is a feel good kind of tea, cosying up with in the current dark evenings....Read more


Love this one

This tea has a few levels to it. The smell is quite a lot like aniseed balls. The taste at first is fruity, then aniseedy, then there is a spicy aftertaste. It will keep your tastebuds entertained


Aniseed balls, like all of

Aniseed balls, like all of Bluebird's teas, tastes just as its name suggests. So, if you love the idea of having an aniseed ball without cracking your teeth or taking in pesky extra calories this is the brew for you! Fiery and sweet, it is a lovely cup of tea.


with the right tools, it's yummy

I just wanted to correct an inaccurate previous review. With the tea all crammed up in a cheap in-cup infuser (not bought from here, I hasten to add), the flavour was over-strong and rather bitter. Allowed to flow free in a proper pot, the same amount of tea was just right and quite soothing. I've now switched completely from infused to pot and, while this was the most dramatic difference in flavour, others also taste better that way....Read more

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