Let's get ready to rumble - digestion calming, oolong + pu'erh blend


Looking for Skinny Minny? Don't worry I'm still the same blend now with a kick-ass name!


The Digester | Tea Bags

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The Digester | Tea Bags

Let's get ready to rumble - digestion calming, oolong + pu'erh blend


Looking for Skinny Minny? Don't worry I'm still the same blend now with a kick-ass name!


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lProduct Description

Previously known as our infamous Skinny Minny blend. We wanted to be honest + clear about the intentions behind our digestion brew so we've changed their name! We also want to open up the conversation about 'un-glamorous' digestive issues + help you kick your pesky gut into gear! Let's get ready to rumble!


Bird & Blend's amazing digestive blend, developed especially with those suffering from IBS, bloating + sluggish metabolisms in mind. Warning! We promise this tea won't make you skinny but it will kick your pesky gut into gear.


Why is it so good?

The Digester tea has been specially developed to help with metabolism and digestive issues such as IBS, food intolerances (such as gluten and dairy), bloating, slow or sluggish metabolism and indigestion.


The Digester's benefits...

Pu'erh - nicknamed 'the composting tea'. Oolong - natures metabolism booster. Ginger - natures stomach soother. Fennel - a natural appetite suppressor and digestion stimulator. Ginseng - natures energy booster.


Chinese pu'erh tea, Chinese oolong tea, ginger, orange, ginseng, fennel


Warning: May contain traces of nuts

Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 teabag - 100° water - 4 mins - With or without milk.



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The Digester | Tea Bags

Product Reviews


Based on 41 reviews



Delicious tea! Definitely helps to relieve bloating and leaves you feeling much better!


Great for anxious stomachs!

This tea is a godsend. I get anxious a lot, and that in itself causes stomach problems, and knowing I have this on hand really helps! I love the taste of it, and it does genuinely seem to help. My sister swears by it too!


My go-to!

I'm lactose intolerant, and this is the tea I turn to when I've had a bit of dairy and need something to settle my stomach. I love the flavor and the way it makes me feel!



Love love love this brand and have not been disappointed in any of the flavours that I have purchased. Great service also. Feel like you get the personal touch along with a fantastic tasting product!!!


Love my tummy tea

First had this tea in a mixed tea parcel gift the bought more and will be reordering again soon. I suffer from IBS and found this really helped in the evenings after dinner to reduce any bloating and tastes amazing too. It has been renamed Tummy tea in our house!


Yummy in my tummy XD

I ordered Bird and blends Digester tea.
It’s a really good tea! Really recommend and it does what it’s supposed to if you know what I mean. ;) as a lactose allergy often gets my tummy upset, this tea helps out a lot. The taste is so good too! It’s good both sweetened and unsweetened. Calms you down a lot too with the spices and lovely herbs .


Best tea for my stomach!

This tea is amazing, not only does it taste great but also does exactly what my stomach needs to, cramps? Relaxes it, feel sick - takes that sensation away.

Truly works wonders!

Yummy Tea

I always order The Digester Tea for my daughter. She has a very stressful job and finds this tea really soothing and can't be without it ever!

Excellent company to deal with. Love the hand written notes saying thanks for your order and enjoy the tea. Good personal touch!


It works

Bought these for my partner who cant sleep sometimes when she has a lot on her mind. They worked and she had a good nights sleep.

Both of us happy!


Another great tea for my growing stores

I first tried this tea when I received it as a free sample with another order. Whilst I am a avid fruit tea/infusion girl, I liked the sound of this one.

I loved it! When you want something a little more savoury but still full of flavour, this is just the thing. It's warming, soothing and it does help with the old tum as well.

Even the girls in the office enjoyed it. (I will make addicts of them yet lol). Great job B&B tea Co. X
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Easy to digest

This brew is my staple tea from bird blend. We buy and try many but this is the bedrock. It has a nice balanced flavour with a nice subtle touch of orange. It's very easy on the palate, we do find it truly does help keep a nicely balanced digestive system with its clever balance of ingredients and for those reasons it's the tea we drink the most regularly. Recommended for sure.


Comforting brew

We purchased this from a local shop under the name of bluebird so I was delighted to finally track down the source following the change of brand. It’s a comforting, gentle blend that both my partner and I enjoy greatly. It seems to have a positive impact on digestion but it’s tasty in its own right.


Great tea

Really good for my stomach


Can't get through the day without it!

Still loving "The Digester". It goes everywhere with me - I even took it on holiday to the USA and Canada recently! Just had my latest order and as usual excellent service from The BB team.


Lovely tea

We love this in our house. If you've overdone the eating or feel bloated and horrid then this just makes you feel a little better and tastes very good to boot.


Love it!

The Digester tea is a revaluation. Really helps with me IBS symptoms and tastes great too.
Only negative is that the box was wet and damaged when I got it so my free samples got wet. But this is no fault of Bluebird Tea.

Will absolutely be buying again.



I would highly recommend this product. As soon as you start drinking you feel it soothing your tummy straight away, and it tastes quite nice too. And Some of my friends now use it.


Life changer

Bought this tea originally under its old name, thinking it’d be a weight loss help or something.

Anyway - what it turned out to be was a minor miracle. My partner, who had a bout of digestion issues; we were buying all manner of wind-eze and things. Not working. I had become slightly addicted to this tea (skinny minny as I knew it)- it just tastes so damned good - but I had also noticed it had helped me with bloating and stuff. He was having another uncomfortable night-I said let’s get up and have tea. Milkless one, look, I’ll make you one of my skinny minny’s, it’s kind to my tummy and the hot drink might help.

Nothing else from that moment was needed. It almost instantly calmed his tummy, and ever since, instead of going for a spoonful of Andrews salts or something when we’ve over eaten or feel off, we just go straight to a cup of The Digester. It has never let us down.

And, most importantly-it just tastes so good. It’s such a satisfying “ahhhh” tea. So good.

It is amazing. Trust me. Trust. Me.
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Nice light brew. Can’t say it’s had a massive impact on my digestion but worth persevering anyway as it’s a decent brew. Good service.


A Stomach Miracle

I tried this tea in a subscription and as someone who has digestion problems I was all for trying something new, I was not disappointed! It calms my stomach and has an amazing taste which I always get excited to have when I go home, I’ve since brought the biggest pack of tea bags possible, thank you Bluebird!

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