There’s never been an easier way to make iced tea! 



Iced Tea Bags

Iced Tea Bags

Tea Bags

Iced Tea Bags

There’s never been an easier way to make iced tea! 


 10 tea bags in every box!


Grab all 3 flavours in a mixed box!


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lProduct Description

Summer is in full swing Teabirds and we've made making iced teas super easy. Our extra plump square tea bags are packed with twice as much tea in our NEW 'pillow' shaped tea bags, perfect for brewing a quick and easy iced tea (find out how in the brew the perfect cup section)!


Take a look at our carefully selected top 3 iced tea blends which will satisfy your juicy fruity needs! We've even made Ginger Beer + Cococabana Coola so kids can enjoy a sugar-free and caffeine free ice cool drink during summer holidays! 


Cococabana Coola 

Tropical whole fruit tea blend - pineapple, papaya + passion fruit, great for kids!


Ginger Beer 

Spice up your summer with this kid-friendly zingy ginger, lime + lemon rooibos blend. 



Gingersnap Green 


A snap of ginger and juicy peach in this Chinese green tea blend, this is simply delightful in summer!



Top tips:

-Try making some iced tea cubes at home. You just need to pour your brewed tea into the ice tray, freeze it and the rest is up to you! You can add them to a glass of tonic, lemonade or your favourite gin cocktail!


-Try adding your favourite fruity iced tea bag to your glass of cider, gin or wine spritz for a fun, fruity and sugar-free twist on your summer bevvy.


-Try topping up with fizzy water & ice to create a fab sugar-free lemonade for the kids!  



Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.


pBrew the perfect cup

Brew 1 tea bag in half a cup of hot water (gingersnap green 80c water) and leave to brew.


We recommend brewing the Cocoabana Coola & Giner Beer for 10 mins for extra flavour if you have time!


Once brewed to your liking pour your tea over a cup full of ice, garnish with a fruit slice or mint and enjoy!


Why don't you make a pitcher of Iced Tea?

Add 4-6 tea bags to a pitcher fill with a third hot water and follow the instructions above. Our Magic Brewer is heat resistant and perfect for this!