Bird & Blend's best-selling fantastically fruity tea infusion that tastes as good as it smells!


Strawberry Lemonade Tea

Fruit Infusion

Strawberry Lemonade Tea

Bird & Blend's best-selling fantastically fruity tea infusion that tastes as good as it smells!


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lProduct Description

With real strawberry chunks, tangy lime leaves and zesty orange peel, it's easy to see why this fantastically fruity infusion is our best seller and an award-winner! Amazing hot, iced or cold brewed, this versatile little number is a big hit all-round. Why not get a pitcher on the go? 


This tea won a Great Taste Award. Why not check out our other award-winning teas here?

Loose Tea: Apple Pieces, hibiscus, elderberries, blackberry leaves, rosehip, lemon slices, orange peel, sunflower petals, strawberry pieces, lime pieces, flavouring.
Tea Bags: Apple pieces, hibiscus, elderberries, rosehip, lime leaves, strawberry pieces, sunflower petals, orange peel, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.


Got a burning tea question? Give the TEAm a call on 01273 325523.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - no milk 


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques.



How we're drinking it:

Try cold brewing your Strawberry Lemonade in fizzy water overnight and adding fresh fruit for a hydrating summer treat! Check out some our fave recipes below:

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Strawberry Lemonade Tea

Product Reviews


Based on 160 reviews



So far I only tried this cold brewed in lemonade as I'd seen in another review. Super tasty, I will save the rest of my packet until summer. Not sure about it hot (for me personally)



This tea is just sweet enough with a slightly caramel after taste - delicious!


Freebie but will buy again

Got this free - I wouldn't have ordered it from the title but it works really well. Strong flavours that are punchy together with a lovely colour. I use a clear teapot to brew and clear glasses to serve so this does impress me!


Incredibly fruity, tart, delicious...

Love this one so much! All the tastes come together so well - the lemonade-y tartness, the sweet strawberry and the mild hibiscus in the background (not foreground like many others!). Oh and the scent? Cloud 9. Brewed with boiling water, 6 minutes, 2 level-teaspoons per 400ml.


Really lovely!

Tried this tea cold brewed with fresh lemons and strawberries, it was divine! Definitely a new favourite.


Nice and refreshing

Does what it says , nice iced and very refreshing.


The best!

This was my first tea tried in your shop, the first tea I bought, and the best as far as I'm concerned. Brewed in my glass jug with clear lemonade, always good, always refreshing, just fab really!!



First tried this in a cafe and loved it so much i had to buy it. Tried it as a cold infusion and so refreshing- definitely a new favourite.



Love this as a cold brew tea!!! It's super refreshing, and is so much healthier than a sugary drink without missing out on a fabulous flavorful fun drink!!!


Perfect for these hot summer days

A wonderful, fruity blend that I've enjoyed while sitting in my garden with a good book. I have even tried the iced tea suggestion that was sent with my order - tip top!


The essence of British summertime in a glass

Love it, love it, love it. This tea is fabulous. It's my go to afternoon pick me up while working from home in exceptional times. It makes my tastebuds sing with the flavours and smell of it. It's like drinking a cup of sunshine; it's like being at Wimbledon or Ascot on a sunny day. It's not too sweet, fruity and fresh and makes you feel like you've had a well-earned treat. Think this would be good cold too if you like iced tea.

Another one to hide in the cupboard from guests and keep all to yourself! Or make a big jug for all your friends and treat yourself to a much bigger packet next time!
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Summer Lovin'

I got this as a sample in my last order, and wow, yum! I had it hot, but I can only imagine it's a pure delight as cold-brew. Tangy and sweet all at once!


Looks, smells and tastes amazing

Another favourite tea of ours. Great hot, chilled or iced. I've used this as mixer too. Very versatile.


The perfect Summer's Day brew

A full-flavoured, fruit explosion whether served over ice, added to sparkling water or as an accompaniment to something a little stronger.


New favourite

I really liked this one. It works well as a refreshing cold drink with sparkling water as well as a warm tea.


Perfect for a hot day

I cold brew this in lemonade and it is delicious.
Yet to try it with a shot of gin, but it's firmly on the 'to do' list!



A good refreshing tea that works well iced.


Aesthetically beautiful

One of my friend's favourite teas. I bought her some for summer because it's great to cold brew.



First order of Bird and Blend tea and it won't be the last. Great customer service and regular updates on the status of my order. This tea is wonderful both in taste and appearance. I have bought many teas in the psst and this is a cut above them all. Love all the varieties and will be trying other flavours however this is my favourite so far.


Awesome Summer Blend

I love Strawberry Lemonade! It taste just like its namesake. It is especially delicious when cold-brewed in lemonade!

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