Raw cocoa powder hand blended with our infamous hangover destroying Mixology Matcha! 

The UK's first flavoured matcha collection, hand blended by us on the South Coast



Cocoa Matcha

Green Tea

Cocoa Matcha

Raw cocoa powder hand blended with our infamous hangover destroying Mixology Matcha! 

The UK's first flavoured matcha collection, hand blended by us on the South Coast



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lProduct Description

Delectable cocoa powder blended with super hero matcha powder - Ka Pow! Healthy chocolate-y goodness! Can you get any better than that?! 


Our expert Tea Mixologists have created the UK’s first flavoured Matcha Collection in some of their favourite flavours using natural ingredients and all hand blended at our HQ in Brighton.   


Bird & Blend's Cocoa Matcha contains rare and unique white matcha, grown at higher elevations to ensure an antioxidant boosted, even more nutrient rich cup. 


 Cocoa powder, matcha green tea, Kenyan white matcha


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts

pBrew the perfect cup

Learn how to make matcha in 5 quick steps


Mix up your matcha as a hot cup with honey or iced and milky, shot it, bake with it, put it in your yoghurt... for matcha recipe ideas see our tea recipe page.


Want to find out more about matcha and its benefits? Pop over to our UniversiTEA Blog, learn about matcha section.

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Cocoa Matcha

Product Reviews


Based on 10 reviews


Really disappointing compared to other flavoured matchas

I love chocolate teas and enjoy the other flavoured matchas (or unflavoured), but this tastes neither like chocolate or matcha. In fact, after following the exact instructions for the amount of matcha and water, I get almost no flavour at all! I was so excited for this to arrive, and now just feel sad that I missed out on buying a flavour I would enjoy.


The best pick me up

If coffee just isn't cutting it, make yourself a pot of matcha, if you really need to stay up till tuesday, go for choc matcha. This blend is more towards the choc flavour palette than the matcha end so good for those who want the benefits but aren't too fond of the matcha taste


Just a perfect mix

When you can choose between hot chocolate or matcha latte, why not both? I love chocolatey taste the cocoa adds and it fits perfect with matcha.


Great coffee replacement!

Has just as much caffeine as coffee, but doesn’t make me jittery.

Also tastes of hot chocolate!



I’m new to matcha after a friend recently let me try the blueberry and I loved it. But as a chocoholic I couldn’t resist the cocoa matcha. I make it with warm coconut milk and it’s delicious. I plan to try an iced latte too...


Yummy :)

I have tried a few different flavoured matchas now, and this one, is one of my favourites. It doesn’t have that bitter taste that some matchas have. I assume this is because the cocoa adds a sweetness to the matcha, also has a smooth texture. P.S. This Matcha tastes great with Hazelnut milk :)


Sneaky matcha

I sometimes find matcha to be an acquired taste but I’ve given this to friends who swear they’ll never drink green tea and they have loved it


My new favourite drink

I was looking for a good way to drink matcha, which I like but was getting a bit bored of the taste. I decided to go for the cocoa matcha which was really nice. It blends better than normal matcha and the cocoa surprisingly mitigates any bitterness that you sometimes get in matcha. Taken with a splash of almond milk it’s now my favourite morning drink.


Unusual but good

I was taught in the store how to make the latte. I am a die hard coffee drinker and don't usually like green tea or matcha. But I like the latte. I used sweetened almond milk. Very good. Will continue to make! :)


Nice idea but not as good as actual matcha

I like it but it was too bitter for me. My boyfriend thought it was OK but I needed to put honey in it. I made a cake with it which was very nice