Award-winning, velvety milk Oolong tea, smooth cocoa + sweet peppermint


Peppermint Cream Milk Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Peppermint Cream Milk Oolong Tea

Award-winning, velvety milk Oolong tea, smooth cocoa + sweet peppermint


117 Reviews

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lProduct Description

Home made peppermint creams make the best gift. Unless, like us, you eat them all first! We have recreated that perfect peppermint cream taste in this tea blend. Milk oolong's naturally sweet, creamy nose is blended with the soft mint and smooth cocoa. Yummy velvety chocolate goodness!


This tea won big at this years Great Taste Awards. Read what the judges had to say and check out our other award winning teas here. 


Quangzhou milk oolong, peppermint, cocoa shells.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.



Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.


pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 90° water - 3 mins - no milk


Top Tip: This tea can be rebrewed up to 7 times!


Bird & Blend's Perfect Tea Spoon and in-cup infuser basket (fits all cups and pots) are the ideal tea tools to make your perfect cup of tea. 


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Peppermint Cream Milk Oolong Tea

Product Reviews


Based on 117 reviews


Perfect brew for the afternoon with a twist!

I love this tea. It's my 2nd batch and will order more soon. I love the sweet twist to this peppermint green tea tea, something unusual about it which intrigues you more. Definitely my favourite!


Creamy chocolate peppermint.

It was very awesome, but I think it had a bit too much green tea in it, not enough peppermint (or chocolate).


Oh wow!

This is the most amazing tea!

The creamy milk oolong, cocoa nibs and peppermint blend absolutely perfectly to create a completely sin-free, sugar-free, guilt-free treat. One cup is, most definitely, not enough! I loathe the old health food shop musty peppermint teas that you drink as quickly as possible and only for the health benefits - this is nothing like that! This is one to be savoured and enjoyed with 100%, don't talk to me while I have a cup (or two)....Read more


Truely a comforting cuppa

This is a wonderful cuppa tea. I was worried that the peppermint and milk flavour might not go, especially when I added more milk, but its fast becoming my go to cup when I need something minty. Its lovely and creamy, and still minty, but not sweet like an after eight. It keeps that refreshing feel despite the creamy flavour and its wonderful.


Best mint tea

This is so delicious, you won’t want to go back to ordinary mint tea. It is so fresh, yet also like a peppermint after dinner fondant -without the chocolate.
I drink a lot of mint tea and this is my favourite ever.


spot on flavour

creamier than a normal mint tea, this is a lovely alternative . Gorgeous aroma and the taste comes through well.



Loved this tea alone hot, but I will be trying it in a latte. This tea stands on it's own, the mint is just right not too overpowering. I have also mixed it with other teas it's just that good.


One of the best

This is one of my favorite teas. The peppermint and chocolate flavors blend so well with the oolong tea.


Tasty but would like a little more peppermint

This is a satisfying creamy tea with a mild versus sharp peppermint taste (think Junior Mints or those butter minuts versus wrapped peppermint candies). I would like just a touch more peppermint, though, to bring it slightly more forward than it is now. The cocoa shells are a nice touch and give it a hint of chocolate.


My first Bird & Blend Tea

I've got many different teas to try but this was my first and it was delicious. I steeped it twice and it was even better the second time. The mint was still strong and the chocolate came through even more. I can't wait to try more. I bought the sampler but already know I'll be getting the bigger size ASAP!


After Eight in a mug

Smooth and genuinely peppermint cream tasting! I think my favourite so far. Love that you can brew Oolong more than once as well and it still retains it's flavour


So comforting!

I usually dislike chocolate flavour teas but this is lovely. Perfect balance of chocolate and mint - my go to for an after dinner treat


Peppermint oolong, so creamy

Such a creamy richness to the soothing peppermint. The nicest mint tea I’ve ever had, it’s a firm favourite in our house.


My Favorite so far

I enjoy sitting down after a long day and relaxing while drinking this tea. It will always be in my order, but I have not had any tea at Bird & Blend tea that I did not like.


Peppermint Freshness

It was bitter the first time I tried it. I then realized that the temperature that I steeped it was too hot. The second time I steeped it at the correct temperature.. and I like it! It tastes clean and minty! I'm glad I gave it a second try :)


Very refreshing mint tea

A refreshing, smooth and relaxing mint tea, one of the best mint teas I have tasted.


Smooth and sophisticated

Wanting a smooth sophisticated tea? This is for you!

Reminds me of real peppermint creams, light and refreshing


Delicious and Smooth!

This is such a lovely oolong. It is perfect as it is hot and plain. I love the peppermint and cocoa.


It's ok!

I was excited about this tea, but unfortunately found it to pretty much just be minty. I didn't detect the chocolate and cream it claims. Sorry!



This tea is one of my favourites, has a great taste and smell great.

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