Award-winning, white silver needle tea with spiritual spearmint + heavenly jasmine.


Nearly Nirvana Tea

White Tea

Nearly Nirvana Tea

Award-winning, white silver needle tea with spiritual spearmint + heavenly jasmine.


Also available in tea bags!



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lProduct Description

This luxury white tea with heavenly jasmine and spiritual spearmint will surely help you reach nirvana. Don't just take our word for it... Japanese monks say tea embodies the four Buddhist principles and the word on the street is that they also use it to help them stay awake during meditation and to quiet their grumbling tummies during fasts!


This tea won big at this years Great Taste Awards. Read what the judges had to say and check out our other award winning teas here. 


Chinese white tea, Chinese green tea, jasmine blossoms, spearmint, orange blossom.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 80° water - 3 mins - no milk  



Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Nearly Nirvana Tea

Product Reviews


Based on 89 reviews


All time favourite tea

I LOVE this tea. It has such a beautiful, delicate taste. I love anything with jasmine in and mixed with the spearmint and white and green tea it's incredible. (Also looks super pretty and from a great company) Life changing. Buy it.


Pleasant surprise

I received a bag of this tea as a free sample and was really taken aback by how “clean” it tastes! I can imagine this will be fantastic as an “after dinner” tea as it’s incredibly soothing. Will definitely order some more when I replenish my tea shelves!


Luxurious tea experience!

Amazing scent and taste, my favourite tea by far!


Subtle and Soothing

The mint flavour in this tea is very subtle. So much so that I couldn't tell it was there. However, the flavour is different to my regular jasmine so there is something different. I like this blend and particularly like it as a bedtime relaxation drink.


Actual Nirvana

Look - if you make a tea with the word 'nirvana' in it, you better deliver.

If that is not enough reason to try this absolutely AMAZING tea, what is?


Favourite tea!

This is absolutely my favourite tea ever! Just wish I'd bought a bigger size!


Nearly Nirvana....I keep it in my heart-shaped tea box.

I have to admit that I do not like the smell of this but the taste is really something else. I love this tea and I feel a bit grown up by drinking it.


Beautifully balanced!

Honestly this is one of the best teas I've ever had!! It's beautifully balanced and refreshing. It's a lovely tea to take 15-20 minutes out just to savour and enjoy the nearly nirvana tea! (Perfectly named).


Refreshing and relaxing

This was my first ever loose leaf tea purchase, now I’ll never go back! This tea has all the fragrance and yumminess you expect from jasmine with a fresh minty finish. Would definitely recommend for those looking to unwind.


The best mint tea ever

This is my favourite mint tea. The combination of delicate flavours makes it perfect for after a meal or in the evening to wind down. I can't recommend it enough!


Magic Moroccan tea

Lovely tea, very similar to the Moroccan mint tea in Marrakech


Very relaxing tea!

Love this tea and keep buying it! Really relaxing


Gorgeous !

Tried this tea as a sample bag with another order - wow the mix of mint and jasmine is perfect !


Truly Nirvana.

Having been recommended this tea by friend it has now become my favourite daily tea. So light and fresh. The loose tea is expensive but it lasts and definitely worth it!!


Definitely Nirvana!

This tea is just as the name suggests - Heavenly Nirvana. Both the smell & the taste are divine.

My only quibble (sorry!) is that postage costs seem very high for a product that is relatively light. For this reason, I would probably not buy online again but buy from a retail outlet in person where possible.



The BEST white tea I have EVER had


The best tea

Love this tea. Nothing fancy , just simple, elegant flavor, perfect for every time in the day! Have been in love with it for the last 3 years!


a mix of green and white tea

Not only one of the best tasting mixture of green and white tea, it has also aided in my weight loss. Add a dollop of honey and you're good to go.



The name of the tea says all!!!! Try and you will be addicted to it!!!


The best tea I've ever had

This is honestley the best tea I've ever tried. It's all around perfect. Will be buying loads more in the future.

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