Hot tropical chilli green tea blend with passion fruit + lime.


Hot Mama Jama

Green Tea

Hot Mama Jama

Hot tropical chilli green tea blend with passion fruit + lime.


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lProduct Description

Turn up the chilli tea heat and join the tropical carnival with a cup of Hot Mama Jama chilli green tea. But be warned... this blazing remix of refreshing reggae limes and calypso chilli beats will have your taste buds dancing all night long.


Hot Mama Jama is well loved by our fans in the Brighton Gospel Choir for its amazing abilities to soothe a sore throat. It is the ultimate sore throat tea and when you mix it up with lemon and honey, see sore throat tea recipe it is the best natural remedy for a sore throat that you can find! 



Chinese green tea, Lemongrass, Lime, Chilli, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Apple, Orange, Passionfruit, Mango.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 80° water - 3 mins - no milk 


Top Tip: To get  80° water for green tea, add a 1/5th of cold water to your cup/pot first. See our 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' article for more information.


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Hot Mama Jama

Product Reviews


Based on 16 reviews


Hot & Fruity

The first time I tried this tea I loved it. I like to brew it strong - either hot or cold, as the spicey kick is very pleasant. This tea is going to be great for the coming cold weather!


Literally epic

Im a cold brew kinda guy but i also love a little spice so this to me is spot on you get a real nice fruity lead followed by the chilli hints after and when i say that i dont mean mouth fire i mean actual pleasant tang, its really good totally buying again, also i suspect if you had a cold this would really help


Sizzling Hot Mama Jama

I absolutely love Hot Mama Jama green tea. The combination of the sweet and tropical passionfruit with the spicy chilli is fantastic. I always find green tea to be so cleansing as it is so healthy but I have struggled to find one I like as usually tea companies add only sweet flavours to the tea which I don’t like. The chilli creates the perfect balance. I can get through a large 150g tin in about two weeks!! ...Read more


Subtle flavours

Enjoyed this unusual flavours with a back note of heat


Spicy hot stuff

Spicy hot warming tea. Lovely cup to get energised or in the spicy spirit


Lovely warming tea

Such a lovely warming tea! just had a brisk walk around the park and coming home to have a hot cup of this tea is so warming and comforting! Zesty with the kick of the chili at the end that's not too over bearing! lovely and yummy! :)


This tea is a nice

This tea is a nice refreshing tea I have it after a nightshift just before going to bed


Am really enjoying the Hot

Am really enjoying the Hot Mama Jama which whilst has a bit of chilly zing is very palatable and easy in the tongue!


Zesty with and cleansing but

Zesty with and cleansing but with a kick. Really good.


Nicely spicy

With 'hot' being in the title and having previously found Mowgli's chai a bit fiery for everyday, I was expecting this to be too spicy for me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fruit takes the heat off the chili a little, while the lemongrass boosts the flavour. The result is a robust flavour that makes the tastebuds sing


Hot mama!

Fresh, vibrant and perfect on a crisp winters day. The use of spice really works well in this tea as it adds a great depth of flavour with a pleasing after taste.


Like a delicious punch in the mouth

I love spicy things & I seem to be drawn to spicy & fruity teas. this one may possibly be even better than Mango Diablo. the scent of the tea is very familiar, however I still cannot place what it is. you kind of get smacked in the mouth with the spice & followed directly with sweet citrus, fruitiness. mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm so delish


Spicy, fruity and VERY GOOD.

I thought it would be like a mojito. Such a delicious sounding mix of ingredients. This is refreshing! My sample had about a teaspoon and a half, so I threw the whole thing in the infuser. I steeped for three minutes and got something super tasty! I first got a fruity flavor (but not hibiscus or rosehips that are mentionedпѕ… donпѕ’t be scared because I did not find them here at all, at least in this cup.) Itпѕ’s a mix of fruitпѕ… lime, orange, passionfruit, mango and apple, and then the spicy hot chili kicks you in the back of the throat! Yowza. I love it. The fruit taste isnпѕ’t specific.. it all kind of blends into its own unique fruit flavor but I am noticing the lime. There is a bit of slight vegetal flavor tooпѕ… Iпѕ’m thinking it is from the green tea or the lemongrass, but only a little bit! I love that mix though: fruit, spicy chili, and a bit of a vegetal flavorпѕ… with no hibiscus to be tasted! I knew I would love this one and itпѕ’s a great start to my Bluebird samples....Read more


Best way to warm up frozen noses and toes!

I had some of this tea after I got in from a freezing day at the Brighton food market last weekend and it warmed me up from the inside out! The tea is fruity and delicate with a warming after taste from the chilli.. you can feel it warming your throat the whole way down, like an aged whiskey! Yum!


My first Bluebird purchase...and I'm hooked!

Wow! What a fantastic way to brighten up your day!пѕ  This hot and happening cuppa really got my taste buds dancing!пѕ  A fantastic green tea with kick that leaves u with a lasting warm glow! My new fave cuppa by Bluebird (until I try the other 20+ blends!)


Hot Hot Hot but oh so nice

Just love the kick in this tea on a cool day. It's great for getting going in the morning.пѕ