Snoozing all summer long with this fruity valerian blend!


Deckchair Dreaming

Herbal Infusion

Deckchair Dreaming

Snoozing all summer long with this fruity valerian blend!

Cheif Mixologist, Krisi's top tips: This blend is great just hot, it's perfect before bed after a long summers day to help me drift off, add honey if you like it a bit sweeter!



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lProduct Description

Whether you're on the beach or in the back garden, there are few things better than reclining on a deckchair and snoozing in the warm British summer sun, aaaahhhh.... This calming blend of chamomile, valerian root with hints of crisp apple will have you dreaming all summer long!



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Chamomile, apple pieces, rosehip, linden blossom, hibiscus, valerian, orange peel, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients. 

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup  - 100° water - 4+ mins - no milk 


 Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 


Deckchair Dreaming

Product Reviews


Based on 46 reviews


Dreamy and delicious

Bought this as a gift for my mum, and she loved it a lot. Great taste and service.


Will send you off with sweet dreams

Perfect for drinking as part of your bedtime routine, it's got a really lovely set of ingredients for helping you relax and rest. My boyfriend falls straight asleep if he drinks this in the evening, so it's perfect for assisting sleep. Gorgeous flavours!


Mmmmm! Zzzzzz!

Delicious blend, perfect anytime of day for relaxing, or snooze inducing before lights out.


Peace and calm

Love this. When I can’t sleep I have a little brew of this and back to sleep I go! Such a lovely balance of fruit and herbal tea. Really unique and I’m a big fan!


The Best

What an awesome blend!!!! I purchased the largest bag available. Coming back for more soon.


Perfect summer time tea

I really enjoy a mug of this blend just before bed when I unwind for the day


Great tea to chill out with

I love this tea. It is absolutley great at night when you want to wind down in front of the telly. Also just as good on a lovely summer's day to relax and savour.


Delicious night time tea with a fruity edge!

I’ve been looking for a night time tea with valerian for while. The majority have a lot of lavender which tends to make it a little too herbal and flowery for my tastes. This tea is amazing - just the right side of fruity it’s just the thing to send me off to the land of nod!


Sweet dreams all round

I enjoy a hot drink before bed, sadly usual teas have the adverse effect and keep me up at all hours - a friend of mine recommended Deckchair Dreaming and I haven't spent a night without it.

It's beautifully fragrant and (to me) smells just like a Solero ice lolly, so it leaves me feeling calm and relaxed and pondering about holidays right before bed - what more could you want?

I love this tea and I'd highly recommend if you want something to soothe you into a sweet slumber before bed.
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dreaming every day and night

I live in America and saw a youtuber go in the store,so i said i will try. I am sold, it taste fabulous and definetly helps me rest. I will be ordering more.



Zesty and refreshing with a lovely long sweet note afterwards - perfect if you find chamomile on its own too savoury!


This is what heaven tastes like...

I tried a sample pack of Deckchair Dreaming because I was looking for a new "soothing brew" that was a bit more interesting than camomile and lavender.

It blew my socks off - in an easy, lazing around kind of way.

It is a lovely bright taste - as well as the hint of orange and the familiar camomile, there are other things I can't identify but I know from childhood. Its soothing and restful and perfect to unwind with.

I make a cup of this before I go to bed - I drink it and can feel body unwind and my mind un-latch. I'll also have a cup on a lazy morning when I don't need to be anywhere and can just enjoy the extended loafing around.

It also makes an excellent cold brew.
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Bliss in a Cup!

I love a relaxing tea before bed and this one is super dreamy and I have to say it smells incredible too!


Sweet (deckchair) Dreams

Having tried countless bedtime teas this one, along with moondrop dreams are my all time faves. I sleep noticeably better on the nights I have this before bed and it smells and tastes amazing. I feel relaxed from the moment I open the pouch. Heaven x


Simply THE best fruit/herbal tea I have ever tasted

I know January and early February isn't really deck chair time (not in Manchester, GB anyway) but this tea is too good NOT to drink even when it's not deck chair weather. Honestly THE BEST fruit/herbal tea I have ever tasted. I am not a loose tea person really but this tea has prompted me to order a tea strainer (because my work around, using my cafetiere I no longer use for coffee, thanks to the many wonderful Bird and Blend Teas I am now drinking, doesn't really work all that well). Thank you so much for a PERFECT blend....Read more


Excellent pre bed brew

Fantastic tea to have just before bed. Sends you off a treat.


Summer Dreaming

This evokes a lovely summery scent. I want summer to be here now.


Too good to be confined just to summer

Possibly my favourite B&B tea of all time. A delicious fruity twist on chamomile tea, without being too sweet, makes it a perfect night time drink (whatever time of the year!)


Excellent Sleepy Tea

Absolutely Fantastic.



This has to be my favourite sleep tea. It tastes and smells so good and is very relaxing. I find it hard to get to sleep without something relaxing before bed. I tend to rotate this tea and Dozy Girl so that I don't get through this too quickly. I really hope that this blend stays permanently! Then I won't have to "ration" it so much - even though I have stocked up rather a lot!

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