Sweet peach + warm, crusty pastry...


Peach Cobbler

Black Tea

Peach Cobbler

Sweet peach + warm, crusty pastry...


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Our first black tea + peach pairing and a heavenly one indeed! This blend tastes like a classic cobbler straight from the oven... warm, gooey, sweet with that delightful golden-brown crust.


You'll love me if you like: Peach Melba, Simply The Zest, Butter Brew.


How we're drinking it: Try me iced with some fresh peach or cold brew me in oat milk!


If you have any questions about this blend or need some help placing an order, feel free to give us a call on 01273 325523.


Sri lankan black tea, freeze-dried peach, pink cornflowers, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


 Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

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Peach Cobbler

Product Reviews


Based on 56 reviews


Decadent Breakfast!

One of my all time favourites! A good black tea is a must for me in the morning, and this sweet note sets my day up wonderfully!


Buttery and Peachy

This is one of my favourite teas so have in the morning or afternoon, its so peachy and sweet and delicious with oat milk.


Subtle and scrummy!

Very tastey! Definitely will be buying again!


The wonders of tea

I recently bought the peach cobbler tea blend. I will admit it took longer than expected to come. but the packaging was eco friendly and there was more than just the tea you ordered! it was a nice surprise getting samples and a nice message from an employee/packager. the tea was amazing and I especially love it as peach iced tea, it's sweet but not overly sweet and is very refreshing as iced tea! I overall recommend this product to any iced tea, peach or in general good drink lovers. definitely order peach tea again!

thank you!
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I love peach flavoured teas and this one is up there with my faves, very peachy!


Just Peachy

A really lovely versatile tea. It tastes exactly as the name suggests and is delicious hot or as a cold brew. I also absolutely love the smell. Super tasty x


Even better than the real thing

a great tea that's great with or without milk and no guilt!
A perfect blend when you want something fruity, but not a pure 'fruit infusion'


Versatile and delicious

Works wonderfully as a standard cup of tea with or without milk/sugar but also amazing as a tea latte for dessert!


Peachy goodness

I love this tea! It smells incredible, it tastes incredible, it's a really good blend of fresh peach and warm, sweet pastry.


Not Cobblers

Epic taste.


Supremely satisfying

First off, it smells incredible!
It tastes amazing, though could have bean a little more peachy, but that could just be me.
I thoroughly enjoyed this with milk and without milk.
I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys Peach Cobbler and Black Tea.


Exactly like peach iced tea (but hot...?)

I haven't tried this as a cold brew yet but it tastes exactly like American-style peach flavoured iced tea, except less sweet and more delicate (which I prefer). I tend to like biscuity, caramely black teas so this is lovely to have in stock as an alternative when I want something a bit different.


Tasty, but not quite pastry

This is yummy, no doubt. The tea flavour is there but doesn't overwhelm the peach flavour. And somehow, despite many tea companies trying, this is the only tea that actually has a decent taste of peach. Its delicious. However, it is a little lacking in the sense that it promises the comforting taste of the pastry with the cobbler, but I haven't been able to detect that really. Its yummy, sure, but I miss that pastry element......Read more


Such a treat

This tea smells delicious and tastes delicious too! Fruit and buttery biscuit flavours in a cup


A solid peachy breakfast tea

The peach flavor is a little light for my personal taste but it is definitely there. It makes a wonderful breakfast tea, and is delicious with a drop of honey and cream!



This tea is so tasty. It is pretty much a normal black tea with a hint of peach in the background. I have a cup of this pretty much every afternoon now, it's great!


Nice, but the peach flavor is a bit too subtle for my taste

This tea is good, it has a very soft taste. It would be better for me if it had a bit more peach flavor.


Tasty tea

I don't really taste either the peach or the cobbler, though it does have a slight fruity scent as you drink. That said, it does have an extra *something* to the flavor beyond plain black tea, and it's delicious and rebrews well.


Peachy perfection

I love this blend!! It tastes like a peach ice tea but better! I like to drink mine hot with oat milk, but you could easily make this into an amazing iced tea. It's sweet and fruity without being too sweet and too fruity - the perfect balance. It also smells incredible! I've reordered this many times because it's so lovely.


Peachy keen on this one!

This tea is lovely, actually tastes like fruit and is the perfect bridge between summer fruity drinks and my autumn/winter hot drink habit. It smells divine and has very much impressed the other people in my office!

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