Indian Holy Basil tea with juicy mango fruit


Mango Tulsi

Herbal Infusion

Mango Tulsi

Indian Holy Basil tea with juicy mango fruit


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lProduct Description

Ayurvedic herb Tulsi, also nicknamed Holy Basil, has been enjoyed for a variety of healing and religious purposes in the Indian subcontinent for generations. We have paired those holy little leaves with juicy mango fruit to create great Karma in your tea cup! 


Tulsi (Holy basil), pineapple, corinths, papaya, lemon balm, sunflower petals, hibiscus, sugar, flavour.



Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.



Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 3 mins - without milk 



Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Mango Tulsi

Product Reviews


Based on 19 reviews


Vibrant colour, fresh taste

Loved this cold brewed Mango Tulsi. Gradually being converted into a tea drinker by the fabulous colour and clean & fresh taste. No need for any sweetener in this infusion. The cold brew bottle makes it easy to get a fabulous drink.


Delicious and refreshing

I love this tea, it’s really fruity and natural tasting and really refreshing, I have it with breakfast every morning. I ordered the tin on line and it came really quickly so very happy with the service.


Best Tulsi

I already like tulsi tea but this mango one is the best.



I've only tried this as a cold brew and it is delicious. Don't know about health benefits but it sure tastes good.


Fruity amazingness

Delicious tea full of ayurvedic goodness - we love it hot and we love it even more cold (and with lemonade for when we’re feeling a little less ayurvedic!)


Lovely soothing tea

I find this tea to be extremely soothing and fruity. It has a lovely mango flavour without being harsh or bitter and it leaves no strange aftertaste like a lot of supermarket fruit teas usually do. It's caffeine-free so it's perfect to drink before bed. The many health benefits of Tulsi only add to the enjoyment of this wonderful tea. Perfect for relaxing. Can't wait to get some more. Thank you :-)...Read more


It's great but Mango doesn't have mango in???

This is excellent, tasty brew that I enjoy very much. Would have gotten more stars but I a, surprised that teh blend that has Mango on the title has no mango in the ingredients at all.


Like being on a sunny island!

Drinking this feels like you are sitting on a beach on a beautiful island (and not in rainy England!!).


Total Addiction!

This is the best herbal/fruit tea I have ever tasted. Tulsi tea comes with so many benefits and I believe it has been responsible for helping my blood pressure lower down to a normal level. I am totally addicted to this delicious tea.


delicioso ! this is so delicious !!!

Ohhh well, this is so refreshing and delicious, even my daughter loves this tea and can't get enough of it ! Thank you for the amazing teas !!! :)


The anxiety tea,holy basil of teas

Tried this tea for a cold brew in my bluebird cold brew bottle with sparking water and was fantastic and is lovely as a hot brew.
Helped me keep calm and relaxed at work a lovely taste of mango and a very good wine alternative.for those going Af.



we have this blend to use in our cold brew bottle and it tastes great, fruity and refreshing


Got a nice kick to it


a MUST HAVE for a mango addicted like me



This tea smells gorgeous. It is so refreshing, even when drinking hot. There's a bit of sweetness which means I don't have to have a physical dessert with this if I'm trying to be good! Definitely recommend.


Am I eating a mango?

I just came back from the UK and tried this tea after my long haul flight. I added a little bit of agave and enjoyed it warm. Let me tell you, ITS AMAAAAZING! the mango flavor is light yet satisfying. I really like this tea, I wish I've gotten more.


This tea is brilliant -

This tea is brilliant - I ordered the 50g bag and finished it so quickly I almost immediately bought the 150g tin! The mango is very prominent (many mango flavoured drinks lack the mango...) and therefore is quite sweet but in that lovely refreshing way mango should be. Tulsi tea has a very different flavour which compliments the mango perfectly, and I have found that even people who dislike tea have loved this drink! I would highly recommend it!...Read more


Very light, perfect for summer

I bought this one expressly to try in my Cold Brew Bottle and it's very lovely. The fruit is very light and the holy basil is more of an aftertaste. It's probably not for everyone if I'm honest, but it's super freshing and another good alternative to squash. In my "how many times can I use this in a Cold Brew Bottle?" test, you can probably get a bottle and a half out of the leaves (I used 6 tsp) the second serving is lighter in colour and taste but is still good. Haven't tried it hot yet....Read more


soothing sweetness

Having tried a different brand of tulsi in bag form, I knew that I liked it. I was not prepared to LOVE this, however. The fruit balances out the slightly bitter basil, in a way hat lifts the flavour perfectly. And the scent is deliciously exotic and quite heady.