Activated charcoal matcha with creamy cocoa!


Black Magic 30g Tin

Green Tea

Black Magic 30g Tin

Activated charcoal matcha with creamy cocoa!


To get the best results from your matcha you should use a Bamboo Matcha Whisk. The matcha is also great in porridge, yogurts, smoothies, and baking!



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lProduct Description

This antioxidant-rich potion creates a magical black liquid once made up. Essentially flavourless, activated charcoal further boosts the antioxidant properties of our signature pure matcha rich in umami - the Japanese word for the delicious 'fifth taste', after salt, sweet, sour and bitter.


Warning: Activated charcoal can interfere with medication. We recommend that you wait at least 3 hours after taking medication before consuming the matcha. This also applies to the contraceptive pill.


 Learn a little bit about matcha...

The Detox Warrior. The Energising Elixir. The Slimming Superhero. The Hangover Destroyer. These are some of the nicknames for our Matcha!


Matcha is a traditional Japanese powdered green tea with up to 10 x the benefits of regular green tea, 7 x the vitamin C as orange juice and 3 x the energy boost as an espresso shot! It's packed full of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients and is said to aid weight loss, lowering blood pressure and increasing concentration levels and clarity of mind. 


We are proud to announce that our expert Tea Mixologists have created the UK’s first flavoured Matcha Collection in some of their favourite flavours using organic, natural ingredients and all hand blended at our HQ in Brighton.   


30g pot, approximately 30 servings.


 Activated coconut charcoal, cocoa powder, matcha green tea, Kenyan white matcha.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Warning: Activated charcoal can interfere with medication. We recommend speaking to your doctor before taking medication with this tea. This also applies to the contraceptive pill.


 Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

How To Make A Matcha Latte


Black Magic 30g Tin

Product Reviews


Based on 7 reviews


Delicious though batches are inconsistent

Any pure black tea has my vote, and this one is delicious and an incredible tummy tea to boot. Drink it in between alcohols and you'll feel fresh as a daisy the next morning. Works wonders on an upset stomach. That being said, I've had some tins that make very grainy tea, some tins with irregular amounts of ingredients, and some that aren't well mixed. I'd five star it if you could rely on it not leaving a crunchy charcoal residue on your teeth from batch to batch. ...Read more


Best charcoal matcha on the market

Great texture, blends easily and doesn’t leave a seaweed like aftertaste! Tried it in Borough Market and got it for my friends birthday




That Old Black Magic...

This matcha has me under it’s spell! ;) It’s such an amazing black liquid, it’s so cool to make it. It has a lovely creamy flavour and mouthfeel, and the coconut does come through really well, with a slightly toasty flavour - there’s even little bits of charred coconut in it! I love it! ❤️


A great start to a day

Replaced my morning coffee with Black Magic Matcha, just add a litte honey and just wow. Best start to a day ever!


my favourite!

Such a mild taste! Barest taste of cocoa and coconut, goes amazing as a latte and absolutely lovely on its own.



New to matcha and already in love with the gingernut, ice cream and chilli/kale matcha, the mix of charcoal and cocoa appealed to me with this one. i wasn’t disappointed. beautiful. try it with agave syrup and frothed up into a latte with coconut milk. delicious!