Hand-crafted traditional matcha cup, stamped with 'MATCHA'


Hand-crafted Matcha Cup

Hand-crafted Matcha Cup

Hand-crafted traditional matcha cup, stamped with 'MATCHA'


Made on the pottery wheel by Mark at Potter's Thumb!



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lProduct Description

We are incredibly excited to finally be able to show you our lovingly hand-crafted clay matcha cups! Krisi has been developing the design over the last few months discussing all things shape, groove, sip & glaze with the very talented Mark from Potters Thumb


Mark has a simple but beautiful studio-come-workshop in the centre of Brighton (just down the road from our Brighton store!), where he makes our cups & bowls by hand, as well as other unique pieces. Read more about Mark & Krisi's journey & how the bowls are made!


Why use a Matcha Cup?

Matcha is traditionally enjoyed from a clay bowl or cup such as this. Fun fact! You might find it a bit odd to have a cup without a handle to enjoy hot drinks from - why, wont it be too hot to handle!? Well, this is a deliberate part of the design as in many eastern cultures such as Japan (where matcha originates) if the cup is too hot, then your tea is too hot too! What a simple but effective tool! 


Warning: The cups are not dishwasher safe, please hand wash them with care! 


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Hand-crafted Matcha Cup

Product Reviews


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Perfect Pick Me Up

I ordered this little matcha cup with a Pick n Mix tea box. My younger sister loves it and says it’s the perfect size for matcha or a small cup of loose leaf tea. I was a bit disappointed that the mini sets of matcha weren’t available to go with it, but the cup is still great!


Beautifully crafted!

Just like the matcha bowls made by the same potters these matcha cups are absolutely beautiful. The colours are very classy and eye catching and they are a pleasure to drink from. Paired with our matcha bowl they make our saturday morning matchas a real treat. As always, they arrived really well packed to protect them in the mail and despite the covid situation they still arrived very quickly!