High quality raw honey developed just for our teas!


Bird & Blend’s Raw Honey

Bird & Blend’s Raw Honey

High quality raw honey developed just for our teas!


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Co-Founder Mike has been working with Andrew and Marta, who are traditional beekeepers based in Edinburgh, to bring you our very own Bird & Blend raw honey.


Andrew and Marta are 3rd generation beekeepers, originally from Poland. Their family apiary was established by grandfather Witold back in the early 1950s and continues until now. His bee farm is based on the banks of Wisla river in a tiny village Kozielec next to regional preservation park.


Now based in Scotland, Andrew and Marta are incredibly proud of their Polish beekeeping roots, considering it part of their identity and are incredibly passionate about Polish honey, being renowned for its quality, purity and health benefits.


They produce a range of honey both in Edinburgh and in Poland and after months of pairings & tastings we have chosen two fantastic kinds that complement our teas perfectly: Wildflower and Linden.


Our Raw Linden Honey is a single origin nectar of Polish linden tree pollen. Light amber in colour with a woody & slightly astringent flavour.


Our Raw Wildflower Honey is a polyfloral honey, with a variety of pollens from meadow flowers & wild herbs. It has a classical ‘honey’ flavour & beautiful straw colour.


As you may know we only offer raw honey as the only sweetener in our stores & our Tea Mixologists are very excited to help you find the right one to compliment your next brew.


Our thoughts on being a vegan-friendly company and selling/serving honey


Net weight: 400g 

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Bird & Blend’s Raw Honey

Product Reviews


Based on 4 reviews


Tea and honey

The linden raw honey is great. Wonderful flavour. Bird and blend are excellent. Service super. The products they sell are top quality.


Sweet in every way

My daughter recommended the Raw Linden Honey because she knew I enjoyed Linden tea, which is difficult to find in the UK. I ordered a jar, but didn't realise I should be adding it to my everyday tea until she told me yesterday. It was delicious! Meanwhile, I have been enjoying it on my breakfast toast, which was also delicious! Highly recommended!



YES! So glad I got my hands on this. Linden-honey is next!

Bought specifically to not compromise my matcha with s**t cheap product from a supermarket. Ground rules already laid down, boyfriend not allowed to touch it, unless he's getting me my cuppa.

Delicious and a big jar - 400g!


Great for matcha

I don't use sugar to sweeten drinks (don't even have sugar in the house) so I love to have honey in the cupboard. I bought the linden honey which tastes great and is good to sweeten matcha.