All of our Election Teas exclusively in 20g samples in one pack!


Tea Election 4 Pack



Tea Election 4 Pack

All of our Election Teas exclusively in 20g samples in one pack!


It's time to shake up the tea wall!



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The time has come, Teabirds...It's Tea Election time! There are 4 blends running but only 1 can join the (tea) cabinet. The power is in your hands, so make sure you buy, try and vote for your favourite!


We know that it'll be a tough choice, especially if you haven't tried all of the blends just yet. But, we've created this Tea Election Pack that has exclusive access to 20g samples to give you the chance to try each one before you cast your vote! 

The Tea Election 4 Pack contains 20g of:


AffogaTEAThe classic Italian ice cream dessert: Vanilla notes with a shot of espresso!


Banoffee Rum-baThink boozy banoffee pie with fresh bananas, cream & a splash of rum!


Strawberry & PomegranateStrawberries & cream summer dream, twisted with fruity pomegranate


Hibiscus & Mint PresseIcy cool spearmint + peppermint with flower power hibiscus!


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

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Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Tea Election 4 Pack

Product Reviews


Based on 3 reviews


An election I can actually get behind!

I love these variety packs. Whether it be a special occasion or an election it gives me an excuse to try teas I've never tried before. I will list the 2019 Election picks in order from least favourite to favourite:
Mountain Air: Not keen, smelled fresh but tasted like bitter side salad. Nice idea but didn't work out.
Candy Floss: Great smell, taste didn't match at all. Too weak and bitter.
Peach Cobbler: Pleasant but overpowered by the black tea.
Mermaid Mist: Surprised by this one. Tasted like blackcurrant liquorice sweets, a new favourite.
Eton Mess: Again, surprised. Dessert in a cup. Great for people with a sweet tooth like me :)
Key Lime Pie: For me, the winner. Not a massive fan of the dessert, but the tea is everything. Tangy yet sweet, refreshing yet comforting and caffeine free. I need a big stock of this before it disappears!
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Vote Moondrop Dreams!

Inevitably, some of these were more my thing than others. Treacle Sponge and Lemonade I found slightly disappointing, Bananas & Custard was good, Coconut Milk Oolong was actually quite nice given that I don't like coconut – but what I was really after was Lazy Boy and Moondrop Dreams. As a hardcore insomniac with anxiety issues, I'm constantly looking for something soothing that doesn't include camomile, which I hate with a passion. Lazy Boy does the trick but oh no, coconut :-( Moondrop Dreams, however, has achieved Best Sleepy Tea ever status (and smells like heaven!) and I may well cry a bit if it doesn't win the Tea Election. It's a thing of wonder. Vote Moondrop Dreams, a lot!...Read more


I want them all to stay!

This is a great pack to try these limited edition blends, the only problem now is choosing just one tea to vote for - can they all stay? Pretty please?