Join the hottest club in town! 3 new exciting Bird & Blend tea blends, delivered to your door each month, for just $17.95 (incl. postage)! 


Tea Club Subscription

Tea Club Subscription

Join the hottest club in town! 3 new exciting Bird & Blend tea blends, delivered to your door each month, for just $17.95 (incl. postage)! 


83 Reviews

You pay: $9.90

Hand blended in the UK, shipped to the world

Same day postage when you order before 2:30pm

lProduct Description

As a VIP member of our tea Tasting Club, you will receive three new loose leaf tea blends every month, through the letterbox without having to lift a finger! Each loose leaf blend will come in a 20g pack, enough to make up to 10 cups of tea.


Each month we suit our teas to suit the season and to suit the fitting brewing style. Over the winter period, you will see some amazing Christmas blends and teas to give you that warm fuzzy feeling! Then as we get to the summer months expect to seee refreshing and light blends that are great for cold brewing! Not to forget the exclusive first access to new blends.


Our Tea Club members are also the first to receive our Limited Edition Collections... AND We will send you a Perfect Tea Spoon as a welcome gift!


This month's box was designed by Apryll 


In this month's box:

- Birthday Cake

- Mulled Wine

- Christmas Cake


Coming up in August's Tea Club:

Coming soon...




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Warning: All teas are packed in an envionment that contains nuts, whilst some teas do contain nuts. 

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Tea Club Subscription

Product Reviews


Based on 83 reviews


Surprise tea delivered to my door? YES Please!!

It’s a really great way to sample some of the tea bird and blend have to offer. I love that you are able to sample tea before it’s even available to buy, you’re a VIP of tea drinkers. It’s also great to receive a lovely surprise in the mail instead of a unwanted bill :-)


Lovely treat

Only my first month but loved all the teas in my June box can't wait for the next one, a nice monthly treat for myself.


Can’t wait for the next one!

The butter brew is my favourite but I genuinely love them all! I’ve been a customer for a while but it’s my first month of the subscription and it’s made me so excited to see what’s coming next. I find the service is always so personal with a real family feel, awesome company!!


Tea club

Love all the teas in this months subscription... can’t wait for next months!


Perfect Starter Pack

I’ve signed myself up to the Tea Subscription starting in June, and I’ve got to say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever spent my money on. I’m an avid tea collector (with something like 30+ varieties right now) and when I saw the Bird and Blend site I was so upset because I didn’t know where to start!

The subscription is super cheap, and the sample bags are of a decent size (by the looks of it maybe 10 or so cups per bag?). The bags each have clear labels with flavours and brewing guide, and the box came with a free scoop, and fill-your-own tea bags!

The blends I’ve recieved are brilliant, Belle’s Breakfast has a lovely rose flavour and scent that aren’t overpowering, Mermaid Mist is beautiful and fruity, and Butter Brew is everything I imagine Butter Beer would be if it were tea.

Well worth the money, and the customer service so far has been brilliant as well!
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The best thing to come through your postbox

I cannot recommend this subscription enough. I love trying new blends and having them delivered is so convenient and great value for money. The samples are really generous. I’ve made 3 750ml cold brews out of one of them. The packaging is not excessive and it fits through your post box.

Even if you aren’t keen on one of the blends it makes a great gift to pass on!


An adventure!

I love thetea subscription bcause it is like an adventure every month. I particularly love the fact that they do an allergy subscription so I don’t get any nasty (potentially fatal) surprises.


Tea Club Does Not Disappoint!

I have heard great things about this company so I signed up for the tea club. I've received one month so far and was really pleased with all the teas. I will definitely be ordering more of two of the teas I received and can't wait for my next box to come!


The best subscription

I've had my subscription for three months now and I get so excited each time I get the dispatch email. Being able to try new teas before their official launch makes it all the more exciting because I have no way of knowing what they'll be, especially if they have mysterious names! But I also like getting to try some of the standard flavours that I might not otherwise have tried. I don't always like all the teas that I get, and I do wish I could have a way of stating preferences beyond the allergen and non-caffinated teas, but on the whole I do enjoy most of the teas I've received...Read more


I found a diamond

This is just what I was looking for. I am obsessed with tea and always try the new combinations and flavors. Tea subscription gives me this. All three of them are delicious and one surprised me so much that I had to show it to every single person around me. Definitely will continue


A Varietea of Qualitea!

Every month I look forward to the next amazing mix of teas that I would not normally try but end up really enjoying! The smells, tastes and colours are incredible!


Great for exploring new brews!

Now I don't need to struggle with picking new teas and get a chance to try more new brews I might not order myself! For instance I wounldn't try Gingersnap Green tea and I'd never know how tasty is it :)


Package of joy

I absolutely loved my first tea club box, especially as I really did think I hated green tea! Absolutely delish and such a nice thing to come home to after work. Can’t wait for my next box now!


A lovely, cost effective way to sample new teas.

Just received my first tea samples, along with the spoon, tea sacs and a card giving some information on contents and best ways to brew. I was surprised that all three were green teas.

The Blue Raspberry sounded unappetising (blue tea??!) but was my favourite, a lovely fruity flavour without being acidic. It's on my re-order list.

I don't like ginger tea, so will be cold brewing the Gingersnap Green and hoping for a ginger beer type outcome.

Mojitea does have a peppermint undertone, so is very refreshing.

The only downside to using Bird & Blend teas is that you will never enjoy supermarket tea again (if you ever did).
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Praise from a non tea drinker

I have never liked or enjoyed drinking tea, but stumbled across the shop in Tunbridge Wells and am now completely converted :-). The girl who served us was brilliant, she took time to explain the concept and how to make the tea. Give us some samples to try and flavors to smell. It was such a lovely experience i could have stayed all day.

So of course i had to buy some, and really enjoyed what i have taken home. I make the cold brew tea overnight and take it to work with me. So thought i would join the tea club. I have had my first delivery. Three packets of new flavors, only tried one so far.

It’s been a fabulous journey into the world of tea......thank you :-)
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Yes yes yes

I’m so glad I got this tea club subscription, this months teas were so exciting to try especially blue raspberry and I can’t wait to see what teas will be sent to me next month.


Increbily delicous

All the teas this month have been so warm and tasty- they are the perfect treat for my revision times of school. Perfect x


Peach cobbler is so good!

I loved my first month, the little spoon is good quality. The amount of tea that is given for each packet is enough to really enjoy it, and then share with friends. I added blueberry honey to my peach cobbler tea and it was sooo good!


Like Christmas each month!!

I love trying new teas and this is the best way, as its like Christmas when you get that little parcel through the door. I received some amazing teas in April, my favourite being the Hibiscus mint, its fresh and minty with a slight tangy sweetness. The Eton mess tea is beautiful, in fact they all are, thank you :)


Teaparty in the mail!

I've only received one of my monthly packages so far, but I'm so looking forward to getting more. I love everything about it. I'm the only teadrinker (other than the store brands that is) in this house, and this way I get to treat myself to something special.
The flavours are subtle and unique and if you take your time, you can taste every ingredient. It's like drinking candy!

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