Our original honey Sticky Chai!


Sticky Chai

Black Tea

Sticky Chai

Our original honey Sticky Chai!


Sticky Chai is the most authentic, natural chai mix this side of Mumbai! 



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lProduct Description

We've been busy bees working on this one - the original recipe, made with Brighton Raw Honey is back! We just couldn't replace that creamy sweetness which our locally sourced honey provides!


What’s so special about Sticky Chai?


The best chai always comes from using the freshest ingredients but with the busy lives we lead we often don't have time to grind our own spices and if we store them for later they start losing their goodness and flavour!


When making our Sticky Chai tea we do all the hard work for you, blending and grinding spices fresh and even mixing in fresh ginger root for the most authentic chai experience. We then stir in the honey or maple to help preserve the Sticky Chai which captures all the flavour and goodness of the spice mix and locks it in ready for you to brew at a later day! 



Assam, Brighton Raw Honey, fresh ginger, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, ground ginger, fennel, cloves, coriander seeds, black peppercorns.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients. 

pBrew the perfect cup

Heat two heaped tea spoons in milk on the stove, or pop in the microwave and you are good to go!


You can also brew in water (like normal tea!) and add milk afterwards.


Sticky Chai

Product Reviews


Based on 77 reviews


Sticking with this tea!

Sticky Chai reminds me of my favorite Indian street chai! It's legit, delicious, and fragrant. Love!


Addicted to this

I bought four different teas to try, and while they were all really nice, this one was truly amazing. It took me less than a week to get through the pouch. I desperately need some more but it's out of stock!


Good for a sweet tooth

Do this with hot milk like you suggest and it’s great to snuggle up with on these cold evenings!


A delicious wet chai!

A very authentic wet honey chai. Brews up well with robust flavor. It is a little heavy on the anise for me, but I only like tiny amounts of anise so it is probably perfectly balanced for most!


Perfect Chai

Really enjoying this tea. It tastes just as good steeped with hot water with milk added as faffing around heating milk. It's really one of those hug a mug teas.


Oh My!

This is utterly wonderful. In 5 days I’m onto my second order! Made with oat milk, it’s the most luxurious, comforting and delicious drink. Highly recommend!


Love it a lot and will definetley buy more.

As someone who's never tried or made sticky chai, i love this product. The taste is great, it's easy to make and comes in a great container perfect for storage. I ordered this together with some other products and it arrived within the given 3-5 days (european international shipping). I was honestley a bit scare due to the glass container and the nutoriously bad national post serveice we have here, but even thought the box was a bit beat up everything arrived in one piece thanks to proper packiging. There was almost no plastic in the packaging either, except for the bubble wrap protecting the glass container, which i appreciate a lot. The personal note included in the package honestley made my day.

Overall great product, great service and all of that for a fair price
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Best sticky chai so far!

On recent travels around Australia I found cafes serving sticky chai tea with hot steamed milk - bliss



I love this. Not too sweet, and beautifully full of warm flavour



I got this along with my Bird & Blend monthly tea subscription box. I’ve only made it with boiling water and a splash of milk after its brewed so far, I haven’t tried boiling it in milk- but its a pleasant warming spiced flavour and sweet from the honey. Its less strong than the chai flavour you get in high street coffee shops who use a powder mix, but obviously this one is real chai. I love the aroma, and the jar it comes in. I did notice on the website there’s a discrepancy with the honey source- on the ingredients list and the Universitea post that its made with local Brighton raw honey, but on the jar I got it says its Polish wild honey. Guess this is seasonal availability. Recommended ! :D...Read more



This tea is so tasty and way better than I expected. I love the combination of spices without being too strong and its lovely and sweet. Will definitely order more.


Sticky Chai

I haven’t tried this tea myself yet but I bought it for my 2 daughter-in-laws who both love chai latte, and they adore this tea.


Too good

The only problem with this tea is it's too good! I bought 4 different teas in the same order and haven't tried any of the others because this is so good. It's very cosy and warming and doesnt need extra sugar like others I've tried. It's very similar to a local Indian restaurant's bestselling chai. I find I need 3 heaped teaspoons per mug which means I've got through the jar pretty quickly. It's a little pricey but I feel it's worth it. A little luxury....Read more


Not a fan

I am a great lover of chai but not of this variation. I didn't like the combination of spices in this drink.


A wee treat

I haven't quite got the brewing perfect yet, but this is a really tasty treat - I will need to ration it though as it is expensive for the amount.


Delicious Chai

I've been looking for a decent Chai for a while, and this one caught my eye. I brewed it in soy milk and it was an absolute dream! Also enjoyed with 50/50 water for a lighter cup. Thanks guys!


A tea to cheer you

This chai has a gentle, warming spiciness. The honey gives it a sweetness which is not at all cloying. It’s a really comforting and cheering drink. I’ve made this tea in milk (as recommended on the jar) and with boiling water. Both methods are successful.


Nothing beats Sticky Chai

Sticky Chai is authentic in taste and aroma - the best one out there! Honey sweetened and quality ingredients means this tea blend produces a wonderful steaming cup of goodness.
The pouches also make it easy to take camping or travelling so I can enjoy Sticky Chai on any adventure. Thank you Bird and Blend!


You need to try this

This chai is amazing! I try a chai in any coffee shop I go to and none of them are a patch on this one. You just pop two tea spoons of the mixture on the hob with your favourite milk (oat milk is perfect) and let it heat up. It’s creamy, it’s spicy, it tastes a little like Christmas, it’s just perfect! I would honestly rather drink this than the chai from the place where they can never spell your name right ;)...Read more


Delicious And It Comes In A Pretty Jar!

As soon as I opened the jar of Sticky Chai I knew I was going to love it and I do, it's like a gorgeous aromatic hug in a mug, a real treat. And if you accidentally get a little bit of the crunchy sticky mix on your fingers, that tastes delicious too! I will definitely be ordering more :)

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