Spice up your summer with this zingy ginger, lime + lemon rooibos blend. 


Ginger Beer


Ginger Beer

Spice up your summer with this zingy ginger, lime + lemon rooibos blend. 


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lProduct Description

This Caribbean classic is here to set your taste buds on fire! Packed with flavour, punch + fruity freshness but with a cooling creamy lime finish. Perfect hot or iced, with a splash of spiced rum and a lime wedge!  


Insider secret: Chief Mixologist and Co-founder Krisi says this might just be her favourite EVER cold brewed tea! 


Rooibos, ginger, lime leaves, lemon peel, calendula petals, natural flavouring.


Warning: May contain traces of nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - with or without milk


Learn more: How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea


Ginger Beer

Product Reviews


Based on 10 reviews


Cold, hot it's got the lot

My morning treat when I hit the desk is a cup of ginger beer tea. It get's my day going with a gentle, refreshing kick. For the summer months I can also suggest that you try this brew cold - delicious



A top tasting tea


A kicking start to every day

I can't recommend this ginger beer tea highly enough. It's warm ginger tones are just what I need on a cold winter morning, Can't wait for summer when I'm sure it'll make an excellent cold brew.


Totally Tallywah

This is another Bluebird tea that truly tastes like the name. It reminds me so much of the Fevertree brand ginger beer, as it is a creamy, spicy and slightly citrusy blend. It has some kick to it, so if you leave it to brew and brew, it can blow your drawers off. Beautiful tea, as always :)



One of my favourite Bluebird teas!.This is lush as a cold brew with lemonade (and rum if you want!) or as a hot tea. The lime flavour really adds to it in my opinion. Be careful not to brew for too long, though, as it can get really fiery!


Ginger and Lime!

This is very much a ginger and lime tea, not just a ginger tea. Both the dry leaves, and the brewed tea smell strongly like key lime pie, even reminding me of key lime pie flavored yogurt. Drinking the tea is where the ginger itself gets more pronounced, with the warm, spicy heat tickling your throat and warming your chest. I think I would have preferred a pure ginger blend rather than ginger and lime, but this is a nice blend for when you want a little tropical dessert kick with all that spice. ...Read more


Very Ginger-y

This is a great blend and gives you a really gingery kick - I did find that the cold brew (which was delicious at the start) got a bit bitter at the end because the pieces were small and ended up in the final cup. Otherwise it's great!



This is a great tasting zingy tea; perfect antidote for that late afternoon slump.


You'll wonder where the bubbles are!!

This is so spot on, to me it tasted exactly as described. A top tip? brew some and leave it in the fridge to cool, add some lemonade and boom!! a super refreshing drink!!


So comforting

This tea is delicious, hot or cold! The ginger can get quite fiery if, like me, you leave the bag in. (Take that bag and put in in a bottle of water and chill, for a more subtle cold brew). It is nicely soothing on throat and stomach, especially if you are feeling off colour. It smells like those lime boiled sweets, but has a cosy ice creamy note. Really sad this is a limited edition. I can only hope it becomes a regular, as it was one of my favourite bb teas from the first cup. I love citrus and ginger teas, and this is one of the best....Read more