Naturally caffeine free Earl Grey. Great with or without milk!



Rooibos Earl Grey


Rooibos Earl Grey

Naturally caffeine free Earl Grey. Great with or without milk!





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lProduct Description

You lot have been asking for a while now for a decaf earl grey and we've ran out of excuses! Finally, a naturally caffeine free earl grey blend of rooibos and the oil of bergamot, you can enjoy any time of day! Great with or without milk.


Rooibos, mallow flowers, blue cornflowers, flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - with or without milk  


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Rooibos Earl Grey

Product Reviews


Based on 33 reviews



Love this tea - really distinctive Earl Grey flavours and so pretty too


More than other rooibos teas

Has something other rooibos blends don't have, and matches the flavour of early grey accurately. I like it a lot better than black tea earl grey, it's more delicate and overall just nicer to drink w/o milk. It's really really really good this one.



I bought this tea, as I was looking for an alternative to the tea bags that I was buying in the supermarket. The taste explosion when first tasting this tea is amazing! I'll never go back to boring tea.



Love this tea. It’s great in its own right, but I’ve also really cut back on caffeine recently and this is a wonderful substitute. Please don’t stop making it!


Really Delicious

This tea looks gorgeous and tastes delicious as well! I bought this for my mum who isn't one to try unusual tea blends so this was just enough of something not too outgoing for her while being something new as well. She loves it so much she's asked me to buy more for her birthday! Thank you Bird and Blend for another lovely tea.


Amazing tea!

I loved the Dragonfly Earl Grey Rooibos teabags, but I recently bought a teapot for loose leaf tea. I will never be going back to the teabags after trying this. Much stronger flavour, without being overpowering. Good job Bird and Blend!


A Tea Classic

I love earl grey but am hypersensitive to caffeine so this gentle rooibosch blend is a gift. Perfect with afternoon tea or just a biscuit, really needs to be served in traditional bone china!


A taste sensation

I bought this tea as part of my bid to reduce plastic consumption. I am so glad I did! The flavour is outstanding.


My “Tea Mule” is at home!

My daughter is at Uni in Nottingham and discovered Bird & Blend when she started almost 3 years ago. She bought me some loose leaf Rooibos Earl Grey. I’m now an addict, and she is my tea mule bringing me my order when she comes home. Now that she is in Coronovirus lockdown back at home along the majority if the UK - well I hope they are! - I have had to order online. I have also tried other teas and love making some of them with lemonade for a refreshing change, but Rooibos Earl Grey is still my go to every day. Lovely shop, lovely staff, lovely tea, great online service too.

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So lovely!

This tea is so beautiful! I bought this tea in London after I decided to smell it. I smelled so good that I had to buy it! I like earl grey to be fragrant and this definitely meets the bill. The flavour is lovely and strong without being overpowering and the aftertaste is delicious. It's great because I can have it any time of the day too :)


My favourite tea!

I have always loved Earl Grey tea so when I realised I could get Rooibos Earl Grey from Bird & Blend I was really excited to try it. This decaffeinated Earl Grey is beautifully light but still has a full and floral flavour of Earl Grey. This is my second purchase of the tea and I stocked up on the big 'fan stash' packet so I'm safe from running out for a while


Delicious Tea

I was on holiday in London when I went into this very cute tea shop. I had recently run out of my rooibos Earl grey tea blend and found a suitable replacement. I bought a small package at the shop and bought the largest quantity on line when I got home.
Everything was done quickly and efficiently.
I would highly recommend this shop.
Very happy with customer service.


The perfect caffeine free cup of tea!

For years I've been searching for a caffeine free tea to drink in the evening. After many fishy tea bags I decided rooibos was my best bet but it lacked something because it often had fruit flavours with it or was..unflavoured :( this tea still subtly reflects its rooibos base but tastes just like a cup of your favourite earl grey and I adore it!


Lovely post dinner cuppa

We love this tea after dinner to finish off our evening. I don’t like anything with any sweetness. The bergamot flavour is really aromatic and mixed with Roibos it’s a match made in heaven. I don’t like Roibos on it’s own but in combo this is delicious!


Earl Grey wins the day

I'm not a rooibos fan, but my boyfriend was super keen to try this blend. I love a traditional Earl Grey with a lighter base (a Chinese or Indian black tea). This Rooibos Earl Grey tastes so good you almost don't notice it's not a black tea! I am now regularly drinking this instead of a traditional Earl Grey. You get all the lift of the bergamot without the caffeine of the black tea.


Tasty tea

I bought this tea as an accompaniment to a tea cafetière I was gifting to my wife, who loves a cup of tea.

The smell when opening the lovely airtight tin for the first time was gorgeous. The taste of the tea lived up to its scent and looked beautiful floating around in the glass receptacle.

We’ll definitely buy again from Bird and Blend.



This combination of Rooibos and Earl Grey is fab, smooth and refreshing as well as aromatic. My favourite and I definitely recommend if you want a slight taste change from regular rooibos.


My favourite

This tea has changed my tea drinking life! For health reasons I’ve had to give up caffeine


Sophistication In A Cup

Rooibos has been my staple tea for many years but I do like a cup of Earl Grey from time to time (as my husband says, when I want to pretend that I'm a sophisticated lady...) so this blend caught my eye. It's lovely, aromatic but without the slight bitterness that can come with Earl Grey. A very good alternative for when you fancy a change or if you're an Earl Grey drinker but don't want the caffeine that usually goes with it. ...Read more


A most welcomed substitute!

I recently ordered this looking to add a few more decaf blends to my Tea Cupboard. The taste is lovely (not as strong as regular Earl Grey) but a sound alternative with the added benefits of being able to drink this in the evenings and still be able to sleep well. Would definitely recommend!

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