Pick and mix your own 5 tea experience pack!


Pick 'n' Mix | 5 Tea Experience Bundle

Pick 'n' Mix | 5 Tea Experience Bundle

Pick and mix your own 5 tea experience pack!


Also available as a 10 pick 'n' mix pack


Save vs. individual sample price!



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lProduct Description

Love the sound of all Bird & Blend teas and can't decide which to go for? With this experience pack, you can easily pick 'n' mix 5 teas of your choice from our range of 60 loose leaf teas.


The experience 'taster' packs consist of 5 x 20g samples of tea (up to 10 cups of tea per 20g).


Our recommendations for Dad...

- Great British Cuppa

- Earl Grey Creme

- Triple B

- Smoky Russian

-Monkey Chops

- Apple Strudel

- Ginger Beer


5 tea not enough? Check out our 'Pick n Mix 10 experience pack'. Exactly the same product but with 10 teas! What's not to love?!


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Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Pick 'n' Mix | 5 Tea Experience Bundle

Product Reviews


Based on 125 reviews



Ordered a lovely selection - all fan-tea-tastic!!


Fab idea

Being able to make your own variety pack up is a great idea, and a fab way of trying out different teas without committing to a bigger bag.



A great way to discover your favourite teas plus excellent service


Great idea

This has been great in allowing me to sample teas that sounded good but I wanted to taste before I commited to buying a large amount. If you haven't tasted a certain kind of tea and want to try it out first this is a sensible choice. Also would make a great present to a tea lover if you were not certain on the flavours they might like.


Awesome Sauce!!

I initially fell in love with the Gingerbread Chai which led me to try some of the other uniquely blended and named teas! So I ordered the Pick n Mix/ 5 Tea Experience. Wow! Of course I got more Gingerbread chai. My other flavors included Carrot cake, Coco Chai No 5, Bonfire Toffee, Honey Bee Beautiful and I snagged Maple Bacon Pancakes flavor as a single. The honeybee beautiful is absolutely award-winning. It makes you feel like you’re in a field of flowers with the bees buzzing by collecting their nectar. It was just wonderful. The maple bacon pancakes, can I just say awesome sauce! I couldn’t believe I was drinking a tea. My mind went straight to the maple bacon flavor and of course with maple bacon you have to have pancakes. The taste it was just remarkable and this should remain a staple flavor! My favorite type of cake is carrot cake so when I saw this tea I had to order it. I did like it however I wish it incorporated more of the spices found when making in carrot cake and more of the flavor that would bring out the buttercream frosting that usually frosts carrot cake. I did enjoy it the way it is though. The Bonfire Toffee- I don’t know how you guys did it but it made me think of camping .I felt as if I was tasting a bonfire. In my opinion the smokiness does overwhelm the toffee flavor which I’m a big fan of so I love the smokiness but I would wish that the toffee caramel flavoring would come out a little bit more. As of this review I have not tried Coco Chai No 5 yet but it’s next on my list. You guys are awesome! These teas are fabulous! I just don’t know how you do you blends but keep up the great work. I will forever be a customer and if I ever get to the UK , I’d love to stop by the store and try a tea and just marvel at all the other flavors.

Monica W. from the USA
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Great taster pack

I really like that you can pick virtually any combination of teas from the site, rather than a pre-slected bundle. It's a great way to try new tea and saves you a little bit on buying them individually. The small pack sizes mean you're not wasting very much tea if you end up not liking them.


Try a little bit of everything!

I was scared to buy a lot at once as I’m fussy when it comes to tea, so I ordered this to try out some black teas that sounded great. You get AT LEAST four big cups of tea from every 20g pack, which is way more than enough to decide if you like it! I would HIGHLY recommend trying it out, I know know what I need to buy more of (Bonfire Toffee and Sponge Cake - and I need to try the Sticky Chai too!) ...Read more



Beautiful tea and amazing customer service! Especially loved the little handwritten note on the delivery slip!


Perfect way to find my new favourite

Loved being able to choose from so many different flavours, the sample packs are a great size and last for ages. The Cherry Bakewell and Pepermint Cream are amazing and I highly recommend the Moondrop Dreams before bedtime.
Can't wait to try my next five!


Perfect !

I was searching for blue butterfly pea tea and ended up here at Bird&Blend Tea. I decided to try Earl's Paradise and Morning Kick too, I loved every blend and it wasn't long until I made my next purchaise! So since then I'm constantly trying out more of their delicious and unique blends and I can't get enough of them :) so this pick'n'mix box is just perfect to try a few new flavours with every purchaise i make. ...Read more


A brilliant way to try new flavours

This is great, you can try new flavours to see if you like them without having to commit to a big bag!


Loving the matcha

I got these little tins to trial the flavours before I buy the more expensive tins. They are a nice way to sample the flavours and the packaging is recyclable (which is fantastic).

I have to say that I'm loving having matcha in my life. The gentle energy boost without the slump (that coffee provides) suits me well.

I'm getting used to the clean + green flavours.

It's helped me immensely with my Dry January!
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Yum - some of the best tea Ive ever had!

I decided to get the bundle of 5 teas so I could sample them before investing in the bigger boxes! I am a massive fan of loose leaf tea and I haven’t been disappointed by any of the ones I’ve choose! My favourites are the rhubarb and custard and the dozy girl which is perfect just before bed.
I will definitely be ordering more.


Fabulous little gift for someone who loves a bit of tea

Perfect way of giving someone a little bit of everything to try! Excellent as a gift for someone who loves a good brew but may not want loads of one flavour, or to give them a little bit of a trip to taste-city with tea from different ends of the tea spectrum! My friend absolutely adored the gift, and has already tried a fair few of the selected teas. Also great value if you want to try several teas for yourself but don't want to commit to a full packs. All in all, great little pack. ...Read more


First order love

Absolutely loved my first order! Have tried 4/5 so far and love each of them! The coco chai no 5 has been my favourite so far!


Teas that don’t disappoint

I was recommended bird and blend by my nephew who uses their shop in Bristol. As a great fruit tea drinker I am always looking for new teas to try. Decided to start with the experience bundle to see what my favourite might be. Not only do they smell delicious when you open the packet but they taste delicious too. Loving the strawberry lemonade and mango tulsi in particular. Will definitely be ordering more tea in the future....Read more


Great way to try tea

Love this pack. It's such great value for money and a great way to try all the different teas. I always order this and I'm slowly working my way through all the blends


Great value for money

I always buy the pick n mix pack. This is a great way to save a little money when buying the teas. There are so many different types to choose from. I'm slowly working my way through and there are definitely favourites that I repurchase.


Perfect Gift to get Hooked on Bird and Blend

Ordered 5 experience samples of Bird and Blend's tastiest teas and boy are they good. Well packaged with a little note from the picker too adds a lovely personal touch. Each pack contains a very generous amount of tea and all taste unique. Well done B&B


Loose Leaf Tea Virgin

Having never tried loose leaf tea, or anything beyond standard breakfast teabags, when I came across a local shop that also had a great online shop AND it had a pick n mix sample selection, I thought this was the best way 'in' if you like. I did not really know what I was looking for, so I spent some time browsing their top selling teas, like the Great British Cuppa and Chocolate Digestives. I also added a herbal, rooibos, and fruit tea into the mix. I was delighted when they arrived, and they had provided me with a full size sample of Earl Grey Creme - which as it turns out is my favourite!! IT cam with hand written note, and I felt like a truly valued customer. I have been back and ordered 7 more varieties since!!!! Thank you Bird and Blend!...Read more

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