Spice up your summer with this zingy ginger, lime + lemon rooibos blend. 


Ginger Beer


Ginger Beer

Spice up your summer with this zingy ginger, lime + lemon rooibos blend. 


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lProduct Description

This Caribbean classic is here to set your taste buds on fire! Packed with flavour, punch + fruity freshness but with a cooling creamy lime finish. Perfect hot or iced, with a splash of spiced rum and a lime wedge!  


Insider secret: Chief Mixologist and Co-founder Krisi says this might just be her favourite EVER cold brewed tea! 


Rooibos, ginger, lime leaves, lemon peel, calendula petals, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - with or without milk


Learn more: How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea


Ginger Beer

Product Reviews


Based on 39 reviews


Not fizzing for me

I am not positive I like this tea. While the ginger taste us good there is a sweet aftertaste which spoils it. Sorry.



This was one of the first teas I tried when I stumbled into Bird & Blend's Cardiff pop up shop - drawn in by the wall of tea canisters. I adore ginger beer in all it's shapes and forms and it smells absolutely divine. It is a little strange as a hot tea (maybe just because I'm used to cold ginger beer!) but gorgeous iced, and it lovely on a sore throat if you have a cold. Pretty perfect all round!...Read more



This tea was a life saver the other day when I was suffering with the flu! I brewed a mug of this with a slice of lemon and it helped me feel so much better. It's also amazing when you cold brew it in lemonade. Ideal for the summer!


Ginger-tastic tea !!

Just love this tea. Even the delivery is quick and well presented with a personal message. Thanks to the team.



Just like when you drink a ginger beer ; the fiery taste followed by toffee sweetness all through the lense of a lovely rounded bird and blend rooibos. Am a devout drinker of bird and blend and this one really is something special.


Turned my boyfriend into a tea lover with this one

I've involved my boyfriend in my tea addiction, but while I'm a black tea lover he only prefers rooibos. After I got him to try a few Bird and Blend teas, he is hooked on this one. He likes it with no milk or sugar. Just bought him his first tin :)


Dessert in a cup

This is hands down the nicest tea I've ever had. I'm a coeliac so I spend most of my time thinking about all of the cakes I'm missing out on- this is the perfect cure all. Sweet, malty and spiced - it's amazing with and without milk.


Best Ginger tea out there

This is not just my favourite ginger tea, but my favourite all time tea, and I drink herbal teas a lot, and like to try out different brands and flavours. The smell is divine as well.

I avoid caffine, due to a bad sleep problem, but this tea gives a little stimulating kick without the accompanying negative effects of caffine.

I got a selection of these teas as a present, and when I recently re-ordered some I was relieved that the ginger was as good as I had remembered.

I have only drunk it has a hot tea, but I see some of the other customers have tried it as a cold brew in lemonade so I am going to try that as well.

...Read more


My dad is addicted to this stuff

My old man isn't big on special stuff like loose-teas. but honestly he burns through this stuff like it's nothing!!


Definitely a favourite!

Delicious...gingery, limey, must try it cold brewed but love it brewed in good old fashioned hot water. Yum.


A real kick

My new favourite! Very ginger - no need for the fizz!


Great cold brew

Brew this with lemonade overnight for a really refreshing drink!


Fiery cold brew!

Really enjoyed my ginger beer makes a tasty cold brew and a hotter hot tea brew!


Charizard Juice

Fiery, refreshing and works good with lemonade for a seaside drink. Also!!! Works well with 2/3rd's strawberry lemonade and 1/3rd ginger beer to make a sweet and colourful 'Charizard Juice' that packs a subtle fiery kick.


Made my sister cry

My sister dropped some of hers on the stairs and actually cried. I think she will soon declare she is in a relationship with this tea, that's how much she loves it.


Stunning tea with a little fiery kick!

I cannot get enough of this amazing tea. It is truly beautiful and slightly addictive. I have consequently reduced my consumption of coffee and cola in favour of this awesome tea. Thank you for this stunner!


Great for everyone

It has ginger, lemon and lime in it so it is amazing for your immune system. Also it’s a soft rooibos tea that you can drink every day with joy:)


My absolute favourite

I just went straight in there and ordered a tin with high hopes - they were entirely fulfilled. A beautiful spicy yet delicate and exciting tea. I have it with lots of milk. Phenomenal.


Watch out for the zingy aftertaste

Quite a taste - starts out quite mellow and then the ginger heat kicks in. My first venture into cold brewed tea and it is good, especially when a little sweetener (I used agave syrup) is added.


My favourite summer blend

Brewed in water I find this tea too strong but cold brewed in lemonade and its the perfect summer drink, especially with ice on a hot day. Even my partner can't get enough of this in lemonade. I will be repurchasing this every summer

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