Our famous tea infusion bottle

Super easy to use, place tea in bottle with whatever you wish to infuse & voila!



Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Our famous tea infusion bottle

Super easy to use, place tea in bottle with whatever you wish to infuse & voila!



We've also got mini cold brew bottles!


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lProduct Description

Ft. a hand illustrated design by Teabird George, our famous cold brew infusion bottles are an essential for any party, bbq or just in the fridge door! Chill. Steep. Drink. Repeat!


How does a Cold Brew Tea Bottle work?

Whatever you place into your cold brew bottle will infuse together if left for a minimum of 4 hours (we leave ours overnight). The fine mesh filter hidden inside the lid stops any tea leaves ending up in your cup when pouring.


Originally designed for cold brewing tea leaves into water (no hot water needed, just fill from the tap) we also use a variety of combinations in our bottles. Here's a couple of our top ideas:


- Ginger Beer tea & lemonade

- Strawberry Lemonade tea & gin

- Coco Chai No.5 tea & coconut milk

- Blue Raspberry tea & prosecco


Want the 5 best teas for cold brewing? Try our 'Cold Brew Tea' Experience Pack!


The fun doesn't stop there you could use tonic water, coconut water, lemonade, prosecco, spirits, milk alternatives or even cream soda! There are so many varieties, find your fave combo of liquid and tea and let us know!


You can also add sliced fruits, mint leaves or cinnamon sticks to your bottle to further enhance the infusion.


What are the benefits of cold brew tea?

Cold brew tea is infused slowly over time to extract more goodness, producing a deliciously mild but flavourful taste with no hint of bitterness. It is also a great way of staying hydrated throughout the day, especially if you don’t like sugary juices or cordial… remember your cold brew tea is totally sugar free!


How to make cold brew tea?

Place 4-7 teaspoons into the glass bottle, fill with cold water and then refrigerate for 4 - 6 hours. Once ready to serve, the in bottle filter catches your loose tea leaves, for the perfect cup.


Don't forget to share your cold brew's with us on all of our socials! #BirdandBlendTeaCo #ColdBrewTea #ColdBrewBird


-Dishwasher safe

-H: 30cm D:8.7cm 750ml (approx 4 glasses) 


Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Product Reviews


Based on 50 reviews


Quality Piece of Equipment

A great use I've not seen mentioned for this is steeping fruit, herbs, etc... in your home-made kombucha (perhaps made using B&B tea). I carry it to work on the bike in my rucksack in the box it came in to help keep it vaguely upright, and haven't had any leakages - thus enabling me to terrorize the office with sour tea. The filter keeps any debris in the bottle. It's a very attractive bit of kit that makes anything you put in it look 10x classier and more appetising....Read more


This is the best thing ever!

From the moment i saw this bottle I was fascinated by the whole concept and the beautiful design of this bottle. Now, after a lot of cold-brew-tea, I‘m so happy that I purchased it! It‘s the best alternative to just drinking water and a nice refresher on a hot day instead of a hot tea. The bottle is easy to clean and looks absolutely stunning! I would definetly recommend it!


Fits nicely next to the milk!

I’m so pleased that I bought this. I’d been putting it off for ages and using an old jug which didn’t really work. This bottle fits in the door of the fridge perfectly and is extremely easy to use (and importantly, clean afterwards!).

I like the fact that it has a stopper which means that if I decide to use something fizzy it will keep its zing.

I am very impressed with the design and function. I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and I love it.
...Read more


So nice, the purchase had to happen twice

I have been enjoying my Cold Brew Tea Filter and tea so much this summer, I knew I needed a second one. So...I bought one! It is so much better than the plastic specialty iced tea pitcher it replaced. I love that it is glass, easy to use and most importantly, easy to clean.


Handy and pretty to look at!

I loved my mini bottle so much I had to but the big one, as 300ml just wasn’t enough Iced tea goodness! Would highly recommend. Only thing is the glass feels a tad thin, I’m afraid to break it, as I can be clumsy...so far it has withheld being thrown in my bag though (i wrap a small towel around it just to be safe).


The perfect summer accessory

This cold brew bottle is wonderful. Cold brewing brings out new levels of flavour in my favourite teas, and is the perfect fun and fresh summer drink! The bottle is easy to clean and use, and is certainly a gorgeously instagram-able item too ;)


Super handy and lovely to use

Thanks, this is a great drink bottle...love it, use it daily


Summer Essential

This is a really well designed bottle & easy to keep clean. I shopped around tea suppliers as the first one I found elsewhere was enormous & didn’t suit my needs. This fits in my car door bottle recess nicely, also in my caravan fridge as well as my large home fridge. I can get 3 large glasses of tea from it. Arrived securely packed with environmentally friendly materials.

Thoroughly recommend.
...Read more


Keeping it cool

I now have two of these large bottles. I make up both bottles each day. One with Morning kick and water and one with Eton Mess and coconut milk. The whole family loves them. I fancy trying one with sparkling water as a healthy alternative to a fizzy drink.


Love it

It's in daily use since I received it, don't know how I ever lived without one.


Great bottle , great design

Wasn’t sure whether to spend the money on the bottle as I thought I could just make the tea the old fashioned way but I’m so glad I did. It’s so simple to use. Spoon some tea in. Top up with water and shove in the fridge. Four hours later there’s a delicious, tasty cold drink which filters perfectly through the lid. It looks quite cool too which is a bonus lol.


Transforms water!

Attractive, easy to clean bottle and brilliant size to drink lots of healthy cold brew teas - in fact, I no longer drink squash!


Perfect summer treat

Love it! It works really well and is perfect for a summer treat. Am completely sold on cold brewed tea now!


Refreshing and looks great!

So glad I purchased this brew bottle (I decided to go for the large as I always want to stay hydrated). I really love it! I take it everywhere and so many people stop and ask me what it is. They are always curious and surprised it’s simply tea. So easy to use and clean, very happy with it.


Perfect for bringing tea to work

This has been brilliant during the heatwave here in Ireland. I love my different teas but don't want to bringing the pouches into work all the time (& forgetting to bring them home!). I've been making up a cold brew in the evening and just grabbing the bottle on the way out in the morning. Means I have a lovely cold brew all day :) Plus it's super easy to clean which is very appealing!


How did manage without this!

Ingenious bottle which makes cold brewing easy - can't believe I have only just discovered it.


Cool bottle cold tea - what's not to like?

Really well made bottle and filter that have convinced me that it was worth spending the money as it looks built to last ... and really makes a good refreshing drink that sits ready in the fridge ... have tried the prosecco one and the bears like marmalade, both good, just about to try blue raspberry.


Cold brew bottle

Excellent service and prompt delivery, it was great to try different blends and I was even inspired to buy another bottle. Thanks.


Never thirsty again!!

I love this bottle, always got lovely cold pressed tea on hand. Thank you.


Brewtiful product

This bottle does a delicious job making cold brewed tea. And cold brews are so yummy ( my favourite so far is the mojitea). It looks classy, like a posh wine carfe on the table too. I took one star off because it is slightly thinner glass than I expected it to be and as it is a bit pricey, I am terrified I will break it in my clumsiness (I am really very clumsy). I have had it a few weeks now. Used it daily and so far so good! I would not just recommend this, I want to shout its greatness from the rooftops! ...Read more

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