Japanese sencha green tea with cherry blossom and rose petals


Cherry Lips

Green Tea

Cherry Lips

Japanese sencha green tea with cherry blossom and rose petals


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lProduct Description

The green tea in this delicate blend is only picked during March every year, the same month the cherry blossoms bloom. One sip of this tea will transport you to a Japanese summer garden overlooking the ocean. Think emerald trees, cherry blossoms, fresh grass and rose petals wafting over the ocean breeze. Bliss.



Sencha green tea, rose petals, cherry blossom, natural flavour.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 80° water - 3 mins - no milk 



Top Tip: To get  80° water for green tea, add a 1/5th of cold water to your cup/pot first. See our 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' article for more information.


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Cherry Lips

Product Reviews


Based on 16 reviews



One of best tasting senchas, cherry tones are there but not overpowering, smooth flavour, absolutely fabulous!


Lip smackingly good!

Cherry Lips is one of my husband's favourites - even though he doesn't like cherries! Bizarre I know! In recent years we've taken to going to bed half an hour or so earlier so we can chill out, relax and catch up on some reading .... and have a nice warming mug of tea. This is one of our bedtime teas . This is a lovely tea - fruity and warming .


Cherry bliss!

One of my fav green teas by bluebird! Love the cherry flavour, even smells delicious! I love this in the afternoon for a quick pick me up!


Surprised me

For the first time, I wasn't sure after opening the bag if I was going to enjoy the tea or not. The aroma that met me was a bit stringent on my nostrils. However, I found the tea to be very pleasant and enjoyable. Maybe not one of my favourites but definitely a pleasant tea.


Floral delight

If you are a fan of rose and cherry flavour, this tea will be heaven for you! I put a bit more tea leaves than recommended in my Brewdini Steeper since a like a strong taste. The flavours go beautifully together, my absolut favourite so far.


My Favourite Green Tea

I have long been a fan of green tea but for the days when I want something a little more interesting than plain green tea this ticks all the boxes! It is quite a delicate flavour and a little sweet without being sickly. This is at least the third time I have bought this tea and the only reason I decided to order online is that I could not wait until the next time I could make it to a store to buy some. ...Read more


Cherry Lips is Yummy

Cherry Lips i sone of our favourite teas. I can only describe it as yummy! It's really refreshing and always forms part of my order.


Gorgeous Falvour

This tea meets all my expectation for Green Tea. The cherry blossom doesn't over power the green tea at all and adds a little sweetness , which is also helped by the rose petals. Its great to drink while I'm studying and since I've only just finished my sample bag , i'll be gong back to get more soon.


Absolutely love Cherry Lips, I've

Absolutely love Cherry Lips, I've been looking for a green tea and cherry combination for a while and this one hits the spot. Definately recommend it #delicious


Lovely flavour. I will definitely

Lovely flavour. I will definitely be buying again!


love it

I love this tea. It is nice, tasty and full of flavour. Ideal to sit down with and relax!


Tea with a real bite

We love this tea, a hint of spice that leaves a wonderful aftertaste.


Gorgeous tea

I really like Green Tea and I had some concerns that this would be too sweet. However, the cherry and rose flavours add a subtle sweetness to the tea and aren't overwhelming flavours. I find this to be a great tea for unwinding at the end of a long day. I'll definitely buy it again.


Smells gorgeous, but....

This, for me, didn't really meet expectations - especially when the tea smelled so strongly of cherry when the bag is opened. Overall it's just a little insipid, none of the flavours really shine through. Pleasant enough, but nothing special. My tastebuds didn't really feel tickled.


Pretty as well as tasty

Makes a refreshing change from plain green tea! When brewed in clear glass the rose petals and tea unfurl to complement the sweet cherry taste...will be a firm favourite!


Lovely cherry lips smile

This tea is great after a busy day. I look forward to flopping in the chair with an extra large cup of smiles.пѕ