Our new caffeine-free breakfast blend with a hint of honey - fab with milk!


Breakfast's Ready, Honey

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Breakfast's Ready, Honey


Breakfast's Ready, Honey

Our new caffeine-free breakfast blend with a hint of honey - fab with milk!


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lProduct Description

Our fab new caffeine-free breakfast blend has been designed by Krisi, specifically for all those who love a great classic breakfast tea but want to avoid caffeine! A hint of honey & fab with milk.


Krisi's Top Tips:

If you like sugar in your tea you will probably that the slight honey note will mean that you wont need to add it - win win! But don’t worry honey isn’t a strong flavour at all, and that it comes from the honeybush so is totally vegan-friendly!


‘But I don’t like rooibos tea’ we hear you say! Krisi tells us why this is the only caffeine-free breakfast tea you need in your life & why it doesn’t taste anything like ‘rooibos’! Read more here.


Want to know why naturally caffeine free tea (like this one) is much better for you than ‘decaf’ tea? Find out here.


Want to try this blend as well as our 3 other Spring tea blends? Grab our Spring Tea 4 Pack!


Not a fan of Rooibos tea?

Not to fear, this rooibos blend doesn't taste like your typical rooibos it tastes just like a strong breakfast cuppa - just without the caffeine! Our rooibos teas are blended with herbs, spices to make them extra tasty which means even non-rooibos lovers like them!


Why not give rooibos a try and browse our collection!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Really smooth with a slight sweetness this is not overpowering. A lovely chilled out morning breakfast tea - Lisa.


Rooibos, honeybush, sunflower petals, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4 mins - with or without milk


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 


Breakfast's Ready, Honey

Product Reviews


Based on 28 reviews



Great morning cuppa for folks who like strong tea but can't/don't drink caffeine.


Great alternative

Very convincing substitute for black tea, especially with a tiny splash of milk, and the honey isn't too overpowering.



Sometimes simple is best, if you're not in the mood for lots of fruity or floral fancy flavours go for this tea! Its just a lovely tea with a good hint of comforting honeybush.
Also its handy for those of us who cant have a normal plain black tea due to the caffeine.
A new fave tea!


The Best ‘Anytime’ Tea Ever

Caffeine free and absolutely delicious, the perfect post-4pm cuppa you can drink all night, without then being up all night.


Honey is so sweet

What an amazing tea, such a subtle sweet hint of honey to it, loved it and will be coming back for more.


New morning cuppa

I love a string cuppa first thing - usually New House Blend - so tried this as an alternative - I want disappointed! Caffeine free too


My go to tea for work

This is a really lovely tea that I take to work with me every day!


A nice addition

This is a very nice addition to the caffeine free family.


That first cuppa of the hit

I love all teas and love to try new blends. However, that first cuppa of the day has to hit the right spot and had always been, for me, BB's New House Blend - until now!! Breakfasts ready, Honey has edged its way into my morning routine and is a perfect alternative to a strong black tea - delicious! I hope it makes it onto the Tea wall permanently


Hands Off this is MUMS

Wowsers! Love this! I’m a builders brew kind of girl and when this appeared in my subscription was my first taste!!!

Errrm now have a very large jar of it! That says hands off this is MUMS


Perfect on the go breakfast

Only thing to put in your morning travel mug. Will not take anything else now. Improves the traffic 10 fold. Can really taste the oats and honey,delicious.


I'm Ready Honey...

So again not a rooibos fan, but this is gorgeous, smooth, sweet and perfect for a morning pick you up or a late night put you to bed cuppa, the lack of caffeine is brilliant. I love it without milk, although I can imagine with milk it's delicious.


Take home with you on your commute

This is simply delicious in morning in your mug running to the station. You can really taste oats and honey. V warm feeling as red bush too, very difficult not to drink huge amounts if at home.


Good tea

I add honey to mine to make it even more honey-ey. Careful as this has very fine leaves so if you have an infuser with bigger holes it can fall through


Breakfast isn't ready without this tea

Wasn't too sure about the idea of adding milk to this, however I gave it a try and wow.... a lovely decaf breakfast tea that is naturally already sweet.


Great-tasting rooibos

I love this blend of rooibos with honeybush; just the right level of sweetness. A good, slightly different, caffeine free alternative to my morning decaf cuppa.


Just a bit of honey

It is actually difficult for me to believe that this is rooibos. It tastes very close to black tea. Sipping this is like getting a warm sweet hug.


Breakfast brew with body

Has the body of a builders tea and a lovely roundness in the flavour - tastes of rooibos with something extra that is difficult to define but is quite delicious. Nice leisurely weekend breakfast or brunch brew


A new breakfast staple

This is a delicious brew, with the classic rooibos lightness, and naturally sweet. A good way to reduce your sugar, and a fantastic alternative to a classic breakfast tea. Definitely deserving of a spot in your rotation!



It’s really nice- I don’t think it’d replace a normal cup of tea in the morning but it’s so nice and great that it’s caffeine free!

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