Tea benefits: Which Tea Is Healthiest?

Tea benefits: Which Tea Is Healthiest?

The Health Benefits Of Tea And What's Best For You!

We get asked a lot about tea benefits, how it's good for you and why. Tea culture is getting bigger and bigger, people are learning to love the no-fuss world of staying healthy and happy simply by putting the kettle on. Tea is great for a mass of things, especially physical and mental health.

So Which Is Healthiest?

Here at Bird & Blend, we love all tea. I think that's fairly obvious, the thing is that wherever you go a tea-fanatic will tell you this is the best and that is the best, but from a cup of classic Earl Grey to a cup of super food Matcha, it's all great.

Green Tea:

Lets start with Green tea. Green tea boasts an arsenal of health boosting, metabolism stimulating, energy giving, plethora of tea benefits. Green tea in it's most authentic form, Matcha has been through a process of grounding to form the most antioxidant-rich super-food in the world! It has 10x the nutrients of regular green tea. It's impressive stuff, and it's only just gaining wide recognition over here in the West.

White Tea:

White Tea has the highest level of antioxidants. Being the least processed of all teas, it's simply dried and that's it. The leaves are barely touched and still young, leaving all the goodness in-tact. It's also very low in caffeine, the lowest- and also a natural anti-spasmodic. This means it's great for spasm-conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and tension headaches. 

Herbal Tea:

Herbal teas are blends featuring herbs, flowers, dried fruits and spices. They can be potent when the blend is right, using super herbs like peppermint or liquorice root (and hundreds more), they can be incredibly useful for serious health problems. For example, ginger is an ancient herb proven time and time again to be a powerful weight-loss aid and natural enhancer of all metabolic processes. 

So, now that you have learnt the different benefits of tea it will make sense to you that there is no tea that is the healthiest. All teas are healthy and will benefit you in their own way, so you just need to decide which one is right for you!

Try One Of These Teas:

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