Peppermint Tea - Warrior Of Digestion Aid And Headaches

Peppermint Tea - Warrior Of Digestion Aid And Headaches

Peppermint tea has been known to have heaps of health benefits, let's explore the warrior-like propeties of this herbal infused tea...

Why Is Peppermint Tea A True Warrior?

Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) has been used for centuries, native to Europe and Asia. It's soothing properties can aid digestion, have skin care benefits, relieve headachaes and upset stomachs and warrior-like abilities to hug out any feelings of agitation or bad temperament.


The powerful herb has a cooling affect, with it's abilities to sooth agitation and headaches, spasm conditions and digestive problems. An upset stomach, constipation, feeling of anxiety are considered hot feelings due to the agitation we feel when we experience these symptoms- meaning they need a herb to cool them down. 


The fascinating thing about Peppermint is that it's classed as a hot and a cold herb, very rare indeed. It's classed as a hot herb because of how hot herbs (such as cinnamon) are so good for thing like digestion, and as we know, Peppermint is also. It neutralises the stomach acids. Some herbs gain this ability because of how different symptoms react to a particular herb.


Which Peppermint Teas Are Good?

Team member Holly holding peppermint cream

Our lovely tea Peppermint Cream has enough Peppermint to take you to the moon and back. A smooth and creamy Milk Oolong (gets it name from its milky-like nature) with Peppermint and - hold on to something - Cocoa! Chocolatey minty Oolongy goodness.  Ooh.. Peppermint Cream could stop wars. It's a shame there's so much anger in the world, Can't we all just get Oolong?(...Get it...).


If that's not for you, we have a peppermint tea collection for you to take a look at!


Take A Look At Our Peppermint Teas :

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