Get all 6 of our peachy faves!


Battle of The Peaches Bundle


Battle of The Peaches Bundle

Get all 6 of our peachy faves!


11 Reviews

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lProduct Description

Get all of our 6 peach teas in one bundle with our limited edition Peach Badge!


Our Battle of The Peaches Bundle includes 20g of... 

Peach & Orange - Your classic peach iced tea, twisted in B&B style!

Blueberry & Peach - Blueberry bliss twisted with notes of peach!

Peach Melba - Peaches, raspberry sauce & vanilla ice cream, what a sizzling summer dessert!

Peach Soda - The perfect peach soda pop!

Peach Julip - Juicy peach twisted with a hint of sage

Peach Cobbler - Sweet peach + warm, crusty pastry



Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup



Step 1. Use twice as much tea as you would for a hot cup & use half as much water! Brew as normal using recommended steeping time and water temperature on tea.

Step 2. Once your tea has brewed, strain and leave to cool for 5 mins (or speed this process up by adding in ice cubes)

Step 3. Fill a glass with ice & pour your tea in.

Step 4. Top with sparkling water or lemonade and garnish with some fresh (or frozen) fruit.


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Battle of The Peaches Bundle

Product Reviews


Based on 11 reviews


The bomb!

What a great way to try all those flavors! They are so yummy cold! Perfect for the summer!


Great features!

I love this bundle! It has the perfect amount of fruitless and sweetness! It's also really refreshing and tasty. Wakes me up in the morning! 10/10 would buy again. My favourite is peach cobbler. It's amazing ♡


A summery taster pack

A gorgeous collection of peach themed teas with a mix of black, rooibos, green and herbal teas. Great as a 'starter kit' for iced teas but also lovely as a hot tea bundle.
My favourites are peach melba, peach soda and peach julip - scrumptious


Blueberry and Peach all the way!

The blueberry amd peach one is my winner it smells amazing, tastes amazing and is great in lemonade for cold brewing. Got to love the options this tea gives. :)


Best way to try them all!!!

What a great way to be able to give each flavor a try!!! I've made a point of trying all of them, a new one everyday, which has been super fun! I can say with no hesitation that every flavor is rockstar! All of them are fresh, aromatic, brightening, and very fun to drink!


If you can't decide...

get this and get them all! The perfect way to try new teas.


99 problems but a PEACH ain't one

This bundle has to be one of my favourites, I loved trying the all the different peach flavours in iced tea! Super fresh and fruity xox


Gorgeous variety!

Really loving the Battle of the Peaches Bundle. Haven't managed to crack into all of them yet, but the 4 I've tried so far are delicious. Great quality, very tasty, and perfect to have a selection for indecisive people like me!



If you love or even like peach this is the bundle for you. Something for every level of peach enthusiast.


There’s nothing better than peach

There is literally a peach tea for every mood, fresh herbal like tea, warm comforting tea.


Joyful summery teas

I’m a huge fan of the peach tea bundle. I got it for me and a family member who’s been unwell to share and the tea (particularly peach and blueberry) lights their face up when I take a pot into their room. So summery and perfect next to something home baked