Think boozy banoffee pie with fresh bananas, cream & a splash of rum!


Banoffee Rum-ba


Banoffee Rum-ba

Think boozy banoffee pie with fresh bananas, cream & a splash of rum!


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Running for the Tea Cabinet in the 2020 Tea Election!


Banoffee pie is one of our absolute favourite sweet treats & this brew pays it homage with hints of creamy banana, sweet cream & a kick of rum to finish it off! Two slices, please!


Krisi's (chief mixologist) top tips

"This taste's great hot with milk (especially if you're a Banana Bread Chai lover), equally good as an iced tea with milk or even cold brewed in milk. I've actually made this as an iced tea cocktail, shaken, with a splash of rum... AMAZING!"


Rooibos, freeze-dried banana, liquorice, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


 Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup, 100° water, 4+ mins, with or without milk.


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Banoffee Rum-ba

Product Reviews


Based on 32 reviews


In my top 3

I really wasn't expecting to like this tea, if I'm honest as I'm not a fan of licorice but I love it and has now become my go-to tea for when I need to wind down or when I'm about to go to bed. The licorice only adds the flavour rather than being a dominant flavour. I would suggest this tea to anyone.


Liq-'Cor Blimey-rice

I bought this tea as I love Monkey chops and other Banana teas I have found. I wasnt pur off by the liquorice as I've had B&B teas with aniseed in before and they havent bothered me, but unfortunately I can taste the liquorice root strongly in this blend. Anyone who likes aniseed or doesnt mind the flavour try this tea I'm sure its stunning! I'm not giving up on it though! I'm going to try it cold brewed in milk and also as a latte to see if I prefer it that way and if not, it is a blend that I think my sister is going to adore! ...Read more


Banana Flambé Treat

This is a nice, creamy dessert tea with a great spiced rum kick. Definitely decadent and enjoyable! My only minor quibble is that it's a teensy bit too sweet, but overall, really lovely.


Hint of the tropical.

This is my new replacement for wedding cake tea. I received it with my tea subscription. I don’t think it tastes anything like the description! However, I love it and now it’s my favourite tea! It’s just sweet enough for me with a hint of tropical banana.


Good Evening Cup of Tea

I very much enjoyed this brew. It is a sweet and creamy tea that taste much like cake.



By far the best tea out there.... And brought to us by the fantastic people at Bird and blend



Love this tea! Tastes like bonoffee pie but with a kick. One of our favs, works great steeped in milk (we had dairy and coconut) or as a normal tea. In milk it feels a bit like a mocktail!


My current favourite

My current favourite, I could drink this all day. A lovely non-artificial creamy banana flavour with a little kick of rum. I love that I never feel the need to add milk to these which make them perfect to have when the sweet cravings kick in


Not My Cup Of Tea

I’ve tried many bird and blend teas and this is the only one I haven’t been excited about. The banana flavor is too strong for my preference.


Banana Bliss

This is quite possibly my favourite tea - can’t get enough of it and such a shame it’s not here to stay! I love it with or without coconut milk and makes a wonderful coconut milk latte. Not too sweet, just right and as it’s rooibos I can drink before bed too.


My favorite tea!

I love this tea. It has an amazing banana flavour. I will definitely buy this again and again and again!


A whole lotta rum is a whole lotta love

This tea is the strongest smelling in my cabinet, the sweet smell of bananas and rum. I for one can't taste the toffee, but it doesn't matter much as this combo is delicious in and of itself. Might get the toffee with a different steeping time, but eh. DEEEELICIOUS.


Banoffee Rum-licious!

I tried this delicious tea in the Brighton store and kept thinking about it until payday rolled around and I bought some online.


A summery delight

I first tried this in-store as an iced latte so and absolutely loved it so had to buy some to take home! I cold brew it in oat or almond milk and it’s basically banana milkshake but better. Yum!


Almost as good as banana bread chai!

I'm a really big fan of the banana bread chai blend and have been hoping that it will turn up again at some point. When this blend arrived I was super excited to try it. It's not quite as good as the chai but almost! I'm not a fan of fresh bananas but banana in tea is amazing. This is good with a dash of oat milk.


Another Winner!

I love the Rooibos teas so always try the new flavours when they come out and this wasn't a disappointment. A beautiful taste of banana without being sickly. I love it simply brewed or in coconut milk and it is great either hot or cold. Another winner!


Smells as good as it tastes

Lovely smooth tea that smells so good whilst brewing you just want to start drinking it. The taste is worth the wait and it isn't too sweet.


Perfectly balanced

This is absolutely lovely. It imparts a real banana taste, sweet but not overwhelming. It just doesn't taste artificial and is like a sweet treat in a cup.



This tea is one of my favs. That being said, you have to like banana flavoured things, but reminds me of the tea version of a caribbean banana cocktail! Def one of my favs!


Unleash your monkey

Any cheeky monkey out there will love this tea its fresh fruity and really refreshing with milk or without .

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