Build your own bundle to keep your pantry stocked for your new WFH routine! 



Work From Home Provisions Bundle

Milk Tea Matcha Honey Biscuits

Work From Home Provisions Bundle

Build your own bundle to keep your pantry stocked for your new WFH routine! 


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Whatever you need - tea, coffee, plant milk... biscuits (!) - we've got your work from home basics covered! 


Build your own bundle to keep you going in your new wfh (work from home) routine! We know some of you have been struggling to get hold of plant milks so we have some of our absolute favourite brands of coconut milk and oat milk online for you - these are the bad boys we use in all of our drinks in store too! 


Why not send a bundle to a collegue or pal who is getting used to their new set up, to keep them motivated & fueled with the good stuff! 


Why we love these brands: 


Creative Nature 

Creative nature raw bars are a firm fave with the Bird & Blend team. Completely natural, with no nasties, syrups, artificial sweeteners or sugar. They are just pure tasty fruity goodness! 


Gentlemen Barrisatas

Did you know that The Gentlemen Baristas are our neighbours in Borough Market? Master coffee blenders, they source consistently superb coffee beans from around the world.


Minor Figures 

Minor Figures are one of our absolute top picks for plant based milk. Their light and creamy oat milk is the perfect companion for a hot brew and we use it in our in-store hot drinks.



One of Brighton store neighbours, and a real fave of the Bird & Blend team. We sell their chocolate across our stores, as it is so rich and delicious, and melts in your mouth! 



In our humble opinion, Oatly Oat Milk is an amazing pick for a plant-based all-rounder; it’s not overly sweet like soy, nor has the heavy feeling of milk, and it foams to perfection!


Rhythm 108 

Rhythm 108 are definitely a big thumbs up from us! They reinvent classic biscuits with organic vegan wholefood ingredients, so you never have to miss out on the fun!


Rude Health 

Rude Health is always our first choice for coconut milk and we use it in most of our cold brew tea samples and recipes. It contains a natural, creamy sweetness that will blow your mind!


A note on caffeine levels: 

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