What is Matcha? Why is it so good?!

What is Matcha? Why is it so good?!

Matcha you say? What is this finely ground matcha powder that is making everyone ask about its origin and benefits? Well, here at Bird & Blend Tea Co., our vast collection of matcha powder makes us the right people to answer all of your questions...Where did Matcha originate from? How does Matcha Tea benefit me? This blog will answer all of those questions so read on if you’re interested in all things Matcha!

So, Where Did Matcha Tea Powder Originate From?

Matcha or matcha tea powder is grounded up green tea leaves which hold all of its natural flavours! Originating from Japan, the 'superpower green tea' possesses the same value as drinking 10 cups of regular green tea which provides slow release energy through the day. The go-to drink for Buddhist monks, matcha is certainly the solution to provide focus and alertness.



What is Matcha? - Matcha Green Tea Powder


Enjoying matcha became part and parcel of Japanese culture and lifestyle, but as the awareness of its green tea benefits became apparent, the love for matcha grew domestically and is now increasingly consumed. At Bird & Blend, we love our wide range of matcha with over 20 flavours that we know you'll love also!


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The Top 3 Benefits of Matcha Tea Powder!

1. Calorie Burning!

There is a number of scientifc studies undertaken to understand the way in which matcha affects the rate in which the body burns calories, especially during exercise! Green tea extract is used in many slimming supplements around the world and could be said to be the purest form of green tea extract.


2. Dazzling Skin!

Would you like to keep your skin looking vibrant and clear? Of course you do! Research has shown that green tea contains something known as polyphenols which can be used to reduce sun-induced skin disorders!


3. Extra Oomph!

Many athletes around the world seem to be discovering the benefits of matcha powder and its energy boosting properties. It can positively impact their performance and diet whilst training for big competitions! 


Learn more about matcha powder...

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